Durex Global Sex Survey 2004

In one of my previous posts , I talked about the changing trends in sexual activities among Indian teenagers. Here is something interesting, that I found today

More than 350,000 people from 41 countries took part in the world’s largest ever survey of sexual attitudes and behaviour.

Age of first sex

* People worldwide are having sex for the first time at an average age of 17.7

* Women are sexually active earlier than men – at 17.5 compared with 17.8

* Young people are having sex for the first time at a younger age than previous generations – while the over 45s were 18.2 and 21-24 year olds were 17.5, 16-20 year olds were just 16.5

* Almost three in 10 (29%) say they were 16 or under when they lost their virginity

* Indians are 3rd from the last as an average Indian waited for their first 19 years before they had sex. 19 years is very young age, but India is 3rd last :). Moreover I think that Durex waale wouldn’t have visited rural areas.

The complete list is here. It seems like Icelanders feel too cold out there.

Age when first received sex education

* Indians are second last here with an avg age of 15 years.

The complete list is here.

Who should teach sex education?

* Indians have mixed views about it. 30% think that it should be School’s job, 21% think that the sex education should be obtained by reading magazines, books and visiting websites , 17% think that it is parent’s responsibility, according to 13% government should let people know about the “birds and the bees”, 12% vote for TV/Radio, 4% for docs n nurses and remaining 3% say that it has to be someother sources than the once listed here.

* It is strange that 30% of Americans also say that its school’s job but 61% think that parents should take the initiative.

The complete list is here.

Unprotected sex

This one is very interesting.

* More than a third (35%) have had unprotected sex without knowing their partner’s sexual history.

* The list is topped by Sweden n Denmark where 64% people have unprotected sex.

* India is surprisingly last (try pinching yourself) with 20% people having unprotected sex. I think India is the second country with most number of AIDS victims after South Africa? Its so because 64% of population of Denmark would may be a few thousands but in India 20% would be about 20 million people.

The complete list is here.

Men who would take the pill

* More than half of men globally (59%) would be willing to take the male contraceptive pill – but less than half of women would trust a man to take it responsibly…lol

* It seems like Indian men do not believe in piils, only 45% say that they would be ready to take a pill and India stands at number 7 from the bottom.

The complete list is here.

Sexual concerns

* Half of all respondents are more worried about HIV/AIDS than any other sexually transmitted infection (STI).You can also read this article to know how to test sexual wellness.

* 56% of Indians are concerned about HIV/AIDS

* Maximum number of ignorants about any of the disease are in India. More than one in 10 Indians (11%) and 6% of Chinese admitted that they had not heard of most of the different STIs

The complete list is here.

Where government should focus

* Most of the Indians think that governtment should invest in sex education in school and advertising campaigns.

The complete list is here.

Frequency of sex

* Globally, people are having sex an average of 103 times a year with women (106) having sex more frequently than men (101) and 35-44 year olds are having the most sex (116) compared to just 91 times for the 16-20 age group.

* Indians do not get as much sex as most of the countries. India is placed at number 5 from bottom with 82 times an year, but poor japanese are deprived of sex – 46 times an year.

The complete list is here.

Time spent on foreplay

* Indians on average spend 19.3 minutes on foreplay, which is little less than the world’s average, 19.7 minutes. The list is topped by UK (22.5) and Thailand is at the bottom (11.5).

The complete list is here.

Frequency of orgasms

* While more than a third (35%) have an orgasm every time they have sex, men are far more likely to do so than women – 45% compared to 17%

* More experienced lovers are most likely to have an orgasm every time they have sex with almost half of those in the 35-plus age group (48%) claiming to do so, compared to less than a third (32%) of 16-20 year olds

* Italians are the most likely to reach a climax on every occasion (61%), followed by those in Serbia and Montenegro (56%) and Macedonians (54%)

* More than one in 10 Chinese (11%) have never had an orgasm, followed by the Finns (10%), Indians and Swedes (both 8%)

* A quarter of people have faked an orgasm in the past 12 months – although there is a major difference between the sexes with almost four in 10 women (39%) faking it compared to 17% of men

* The Macedonians and Serbian Montenegrins are the most sexually satisfied with 82% not needing to fake an orgasm, followed by the Croatians, Hungarians and Italians (75%)

* Indians (21) are second to the last, just above China (19)

The complete list is here.

Number of sexual partners

* People around the world have had an average number of 10.5 sexual partners

* More than a quarter (27%) have had only one partner while 21% have had sex with more than 10 people

* Men have had more sexual partners than women – 12.4 compared to 7.2

* The Chinese have had more sexual partners than anyone else – 19.3 compared with the Brazilians (15.2), the Japanese (12.7) and the Danes (12.5)

* Those in Vietnam have had the fewest sexual partners – 2.5 compared with Hong Kong (3.5), India (3.7) and Malaysia (4.2). Indians are faithful :) (almost…)

The complete list is here.

Sexual indulgence

* Most of the Indians don’t believe in any kind of sexual indulgence except watching porn with their partner.

The complete list is here.

Ownership of vibrators

* Only a few Indians (11%) own a vibrator, Icelanders are most likely to use vibrators (52%) coz its too cold there?

The complete list is here.

Sexiest features

* A toned body (14%) – with the bottom (15%) and breasts and chest (14%) in particular – are the sexiest features. Men focus most on the breasts while women think eyes are the most sexy

* One in 10 believe attitude is the sexiest factor while age, wealth and hair colour (all just 1%) are the least important things

* More than a third of Swedes (34%) think attitude is the sexiest feature anyone can have while 23% of Danes go for sexy eyes and 32% of

* Indians home in on the chest area (32%) (as expected), a few of them also think that face (14%) is the sexiest.

The complete list is here.

Sexiest female celebrity

* Tomb Raider actress and UNICEF ambassador Angelina Jolie is the world’s sexiest international celebrity with 18% of the votes – although more popular with women (24%) than men (17%)

* Jolie’s success is largely due to her popularity in countries like Israel (43%), Macedonia (38%) and Croatia (33%) rather than in her native USA (21%)

* Actress and Latin diva Jennifer Lopez is second place with 13% of the global vote closely followed by Britney Spears and Catherine Zeta-Jones – both 12%

* Lopez is most popular in Vietnam (23%) and India (22%), Spears is a favourite among the Vietnamese (35%) and Zeta-Jones scores a hit with those in Bulgaria, China and the Czech Republic (all 16%)

* Jennifer Lopez is the celeb who got maximum votes (22%) from Indians, I believe a lot of Indians voted for Aish, Bips, Mallika…which are not in the list as they are not so popular in other countries.

The complete list is here.

Sexiest male celebrity

* Troy star and Hollywood hunk Brad Pitt tops the league as the sexiest international male celebrity voted by more than one in five (21%) globally. His success is largely due to the Thais (34%) and the Israelis (33%) while in India he scores just 5% of the votes.

* Indians vote Tom Cruise as India’s sexiest male celeb with 26% votes, David Beckham follows Cruise with 23% votes. Other male celebs aren’t considered sexy as much. Here again… I believe a lot of Indians must have voted for Indian male celebs.

The complete list is here.

Disclaimer: Please note that, this survey was conducted by Durex and can be found here. All the data and the images (tables) belong to Durex.com and I have just interpreted the results just to reflect the Indian attitude towards sex.

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