I read about Zookoda at problogger. I investigate more about RSS 2 Email services and found this helpful link. I think I would have liked Yutter too, but I already had signed up w/ Zookoda, so I used it for one of my upcoming blogs.

I had another idea of “contextual” email subscription since a few weeks, but wasn’t sure how to handle a bulk of emails. Now, I think Zookoda might have a solution for me. Below is the message that I sent to them.


I like the service so far. It is really simple and powerful.

I wanted to build a subscription system for my another website, but I think it will take up a lot of resources. Here is what I wanted and would love to see in Zookoda:

I have a feed with News articles and each article is tagged with a few tags. I wanted to have a tag based subscription. Ex: If I subscribe for the newsletter for the tag ‘ipod’, then I should receive an email (instantaneous or a digest) for all the News articles that are tagged with ‘ipod’.

I can easily send the tag to Zookoda, when the user submits the form with his/her email address. Zookoda should be able match that tag with what is in the feed and thus send the relevant post(s) to the subscriber. This system should also be able to handle multiple tag subscription and hence aa subscription manager (page) for the subscriber.

Please let me know if this is something you can provide.

Thanks, Gaurav

Initially, I wasn’t thinking of writing this application using feeds, but my internal db. Mapping the subscribers to the tags is hardly an issue with me. The only problem I have is handling such a huge amount of processing and email sending. My problem is that, I will have to create a custom newsletter for each of the subscriber and then email it to them. If there are only a few subscribers (less than a hundered), it should be OK, but if there are a several 100 subscribers, some kind of system would be required to send emails in batches.

Does anybody know of any software/service that can handle a huge number of distinct emails for each subscriber? How does the mailing list softwares handle the email sending?

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