What I did on 2008-11-18

  • GE cordless phone with GOOG411 http://is.gd/7ULT #
  • @jeffbarr Is there a way to test a file on #cloudfront from different locs? I am interested in testing it from India – has anyone done it? #
  • @prasnation Things are going good. Working with DriverSide.com. How is life and Yahoo? #
  • This is some creativity! http://is.gd/80RO #
  • Here’ a partial comment on Jerry’s resignation post “By the way … are you hiring ?” http://tinyurl.com/65o8ze #
  • @jeffbarr Thanks for the tip. What domain name should I use? FYI – This is a good tool for multi loc traceroute http://is.gd/198y #
  • @inertiaBen Did you move to CA? #
  • Neither did I know it was a Transformer http://is.gd/830R #
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