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Mumbai vs New Orleans

Ok…Enough is Enough, *I dislike* these comment-spammers. I was deleting all those viagra and diamond comments/trackbacks and by accident deleted about 7-8 genuine comments :|. If your comment was one of them, then am sorry. I’ll look and install a plugin to shoo these guys, right away.

This is one of the mails that I have received from multiple people:


Parameter New Orleans Mumbai
Inches of rain 18 37.1
Population 4,84,674 1,26,22,500
Casualities after 48
100 37
No.of people had to be
Almost entire city 10,000
Cases of looting and
Countless None
Time taken by Army to reach the
48 12
Status after 48 hrs. Still no electricity and
Almost normal
External aid India contributes USD 5

Well…..I do not agree 100% with this email/data, as there are some things which this message overlooked, such as the 150 – 175 mph winds, levy was broken….etc. But I would still say, it is somewhat reasonable comparison. The mumbai flood also created a lot of trouble (Ask, N-P)

With due respect to all the people who died and the others who suffered, I think people need to have patience. Help others in distress, than looting.

I understand that they haven’t seen something like this before and would critisize govt. for not providing drinking water (Botteled water, I believe), Portable Toilets/Showers, clothes etc. even after 48 hours of the tragedy.

But I think they should also realize that, there are millions of people in this world, for whom these conditions are part of day-to-day life.

I also understand (from Radio stations) that, the levys were being repaired/upgraded by the army and wouldn’t have had cracked if the repairs had been done. Guess why the repairs were taking longer than expected? – lack of funds…..due to the Iraqi *Freedom* movement.

One of the evilest face of the American media was also seen during the course of the hurricane. Checkout this article. It might take u to a weird Ad, just click “Skip the Ad” on top right. The article talks about how blacks and whites are portrayed in the media. A white gathers food for his family while a black loots….

To add to all this, Kanye West’s video (might have bloody popups) was ‘cut’ by the NBC just because he said some good words about Dubya…. Read an elaborate article and transcript here. The last thing I heard on American News channels was that Chinese censor stuff….

This link (might have bloody popups) is really pathetic. Ever saw police goin looting?

If you are visual person like me, you would like to wath the images.

I had promised, a few days ago, on Poonam’s blog, that I would write something about Indians in USA. I haven’t got a chance since then, but I’ll certainly write it perhaps this weekend. Till then read more about this. I’ll post updates about it soon.

BTW saw a real hottie today via /.
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Google’s CEO logs on to Yahoo!

I was reading an article at slashdot. Which had a link to another article, which had link to Google’s CEO, Eric Schmidt’s homepage.

And guess what…..his email id is: [email protected] (may he be saved from spammers…Amin!)

Well…..technically speaking there is nothing wrong with it. At one time he was probably like you or me, but I believe if he is a CEO of a company, he _should_ take care of such things.