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Plurk Vs Twitter

Plurk is ‘enhanced’ version of Twitter. IMO Twitter got popular because of it is really easy to use. In my busy life, I don’t have enough time to see what my Karma is or some complicated timelines. Twitter works for me because it is a free form short messaging. Back in the days when Twitter’s IM worked fine, I rarely logged on to the web interface.

I think Plurk makes things complicated and might features over done. Although it is great that they have all the major IM support. At this time Plurk looks like a great tool for teenagers (like myspace crowd). They’d love to collect Karma and get starred etc. I don’t see Obama lifestreaming on Plurk any time soon*. Or Jet Blue using it for customer service*.

Right now I am interested to see if this Python based messaging app be able to scale well, unlike Twitter.

* I’ve been wrong in the past.

PS: I am back from India.