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Sahara Samay

Happy Independence Day in Advance….

We have 6 Indian channels – Zee TV, TV Asia, Set Max, Sony TV, Zee Cinema and B4U Movies. Most of the time we are tuned to one of these channels. 3 of the Star channels (Star TV, Star News and Star One) are also available on Direct TV (we have Dish Network :( ). I was surprised to know that MTV Desi and Aastha channels can be subscribed @ Direct TV.

I was watching Kahin Pyar Na Hojaye @ B4U and started flipping channels, by accident I landed to channel 584 (only relevant to ppl. who have Dish Network) and I saw that they were showing some channel called “Samay.” It took me a couple of minutes to figure out what it is. Well, it is Sahara’s news channel Sahara Samay. I never heard about it before, not even when I was in India.

I was delighted to see a 24 hr. Indian News channel and on top of it, it shows commercials from India, which means no more crappy Ajmeri Baba and Peer Syed Sahib Ads. There is another Ad which irritates me a lot, I’ll post about it later.

Indian channels are swamping USA now. Zee has started Zee punjabi and Gujrati and there are other channels (mentioned above). So, generally we get to see free preview channels on weekends, so I am not sure if its a free preview or they showin it for free forever.

While writing this post, I searched to check if the Samay is a free preview…..and guess what, I found out that I can also watch Sahara One!!!!!! I think when I was in India, I saw a commercial of Chacha Chaudhri @ Sahara One 😀 I wish they are not just preview channels, but they come w/ Indian ads also.

Some of you (esp. who live in India) must be thinking, whats the big deal….why am I getting so excited (if you didn’t know that I am excited rt. now then – I am)….Its just that I am fed up of those bloody Baba Ads and definetly the Zee and Sony are not too much youth oriented….they just keep showing that fijul ki rimjhim all the time. I want to see what is meant for Indian (living) population and not fijul ke tailored progs. for Intl. audience with subtitles 😐 and apart from that I want to see Indian ads and know what exactly is going on there. Although web is a good place to keep yourself updated….but TV has a visual delight. So now most prolly am gonna watch the newly discovered channels, whole night and may be will discover another channel :p.

I watched about 30 minz of Dus today and liked it a lot, hopefully am also gonna complete it tonight!!

PS: Yes Shahara One shows CC 😀