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Free Matrimonial Vs Paid Matrimonial

Startupduniya has an article about Kijiji offering free matrimonial services in India. I agree with the author’s observations about the site’s current situation – bogus entries and sparsley populated site.

I think this service can be a disruption for the giant Indian matrimonial sites as some time in future. Marriage is not a simple affair in India. (I think) The people who use these matrimonial sites in India are looking for NRI brides and grooms and folks using these outside India look for a perfect match in India.

People looking for a match in or around their city generally find them through references or newspapers. This is a huge userbase, but not yet ready to go online to look for matrimonials. Kijiji (or someone else) will need to do a lot more to get these people use the “free” service. The userbase will grow organically as Indian Internet population grows. Adding “mobile” features will definetly help fueling this growth and perhaps revenue generation. Educating people offline, about this kind of service will also help.

I feel that whole Indian “online classifieds” segment needs a disruptor to make things easier for users. Kijiji is a good start but they (or someone else) needs to come up with ways to weed out the spam and fradulent postings to get hold of legit customers.