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iPod Video?

I was going thru my news feeds on Google Reader (which isn’t really a gr8 thing) and came across a blog post which pointed towards something, which looks like a Video iPod. Yes, a Video iPod :D. I don’t know how to read chinese, but it certainly looks different than regular iPod. What confirmed my belief was a post iPod Video Coming to a Car Near You on slashdot.

It would be interesting to read iPod Video’s review. The iPod nano, had some screen-scratching problems. I believe that Apple or the other companies are *forced* to release new products, just because the market demands it or the competitor might launch it first. All this does nothing, but decrease the quality of the products. Google’s Google Talk and Google Reader, appear to be forced out of Google’s production to Beta version, so does Yahoo’s Yahoo Publisher Network.

If you know chinese, then do let me know what does that iPod say and if it is a Video iPod.

7 weeks to go

Post Start: Thr, 21st Apr. 2005 – 6:21:06 pm

It has been long time since I actually blogged. Fwds isn’t truly blog. 7 weeks to go. I am taking classes on Tuesdays n Thursdays. So had Asian American Family class @ 10:00. Reached class @ 10: 07 (earlier than last time). The dept. co-ordinator had already setup the projector and had played the movie. After few minutes, I was settled and started watching Bend It Like Beckham for the nth time. Once again enjoyed the movie as I did it at previous occasions. The only difference was that I was watching it in a class. Now have to write a review on it: due – 04/26/05.

7 weeks to go. Them was this darn comp class from 12 – 2. It has an assignment due – 04/24/05 (yes, I know its a sunday – e-assignment). As soon as I got off the class, started working on that assignment. Its rare for me to work on an easy assignment right away. In normal circumstances I’d have statrted it sometime on sat or sun. But I started right away coz I had the values and the method to do it in my RAM and I can’t afford to lose all the info with a sys crash.

7 weeks to go. Continue reading