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Is Rediff worth that much?

Its the time for Internet marketing….. after the success of Google’s Adsense and Adwords everybody seems to join the bandwagon. Freshlinks services add to successful SEO. Overture is a live example of the same. The yahoo owned company has made its mark in the field of keyword based advertising.

Indian companies have also started following this model. Not too long ago, rediff launched its blog service, which can help it to promote it’s domain selling business as well as create a huge base for its new Ad Service – P4C. Now I see every other blogger living in India is using Rediff Blogs.

I have used Overture and Google Adwords. Overture charges min. 10 cents per click while Adwords charges min. 5 cents per click. Now according to Pay4Click by Rediff, they charge Rs. 10 per click which is a bit more than 20 cents. Isn’t that too high for PPC? The target audience is Indians living in India and Indians living abroad. I agree that it is a very specific audience but I still think those Rs. 10 aren’t worth.

I was even surprised to know that us.rediff.com doesn’t have a direct link to the P4C but in.rediff.com had it. Which prolly means they are targeting Indian advertisers who want to market their products in India only. Not only this, their rates are in Rs. and they haven’t mentioned $ rates, which again means they are targeting Indians living in India. I am not sure about the value of Rs. 10 in India these days? I am not sure about the average Google and Overture PPC rates, but it would be certainly around 50 cents – $1 (or more?).

So, to get the solution to the problem, I’ll need to ask someone living in India.