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Google Talk: A boon or a Misery?

Disclaimer:Google Talk: A boon or a Misery? – I am talking about myself, not the entire GT using community

I talked about Google Talk and the issue that I keep getting other’s emails(click and scroll down).

And guess what…..I never thought that both the things can co-relate themselves and make my life miserable……

I am online on GT since I dled it, I have invited a few people. A few minutes ago, I got an invitation from some girl TP (name initialized, just to create hype.) I didn’t know her, so thought might have read my post on the GT. I accepted the invite. And initiated the conversation. Following is the uneditted conversation, except her name:

Gaurav: hi

tanayapras……: hello

Gaurav: sorry, but do I know you :p

tanayapras……: i am arriving in delhi tonight, i hope :)


Gaurav: :((



tanayapras……: sorry

Gaurav: mere saath aisa kyun hota hai, I always get other ppl’s mails ab msngr par bhi 😐

lol thats ok

hope, I didn’t scare you

tanayapras……: no no

Gaurav: lol ok. Actually I get a lot of emails addressed to other ppl, but then….they send them to
me…. so ur frnd must be having an id gsharma*

Sent at 10:00 PM on Wednesday


During the conversation, as soon as she realized that this was a wrong id, she sent an invite to g._mylastname_. As a lot of u know gmail would consider that as my id coz a ‘.’ placed anywhere in the id is insignificant (except while logging in.)

I guess she has freaked out a lot, I haven’t heard from her since then :p, I’ll delete her after a few days, if there is a no-response and if u r reading it, then let me know if u want to be deleted from my GT :p

I am sure, I’ll have a lot of these kind of incidents, so I’ll try to keep you updated on them 😀

Google Talk

It has happened finally….. Google has launched its Messenger (Ofcourse the Beta Version.) There had been a lot of speculations about it since a long time. Technically it is supposed to be launched on wednesday (tomorrow), but its already up @ their website right now, coz its wednesday in other parts of the world.

You can download the “Google Talk” here, but the catch is that u have to have a Gmail a/c which, most of the ppl have these days and if u don’t then contact me.

Right now it is very primitive, the main funda is Voice Messaging. I haven’t tested it in a duplex mode w/ someone while Voice Chatting, so can’t say too much bout its Voice quality and the lag time etc.

You get new email @ ur Gmail a/c notifications similar to Y! and MSN IMs. There r no Smileys, they just show the main gestures such as a smile or laughter in blue color.

I am sure….in coming few days, we will definetly see a lot of goodies coming to us in the form of Google Talk.

BTW checkout an article about it. Also checkout its features w/ screenshots here.

Feel free to Add me, the username is same as my domain name!!

PS – No, it doesn’t have any contextual based Ads (so, far) and I don’t think they will introduce any Ads, coz it is more for making a customer base…..