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What did BigAdda do to get delisted?

Not sure, if anyone noticed – Google has pretty much bombed BigAdda.com. It has only ~4K pages indexed by Google (Yahoo has ~160K). BigB’s blog is not even in Google’s index anymore.

Not sure if it is an error on Google’s side or an error on BigAdda’s side (like misconfigured robots.txt – They don’t have one actually). Surprisingly, there is no page rank info available for BigAdda.com as well.

Alexa has been messed up since a few days, but Quantcast shows a huge drop in US traffic, which most likely could be because of the delisting.

Bollywood Mantra also saw a drop of 1/3 of the total pages indexed by Google for a last couple of weeks, but that did not affect any traffic and the number is constant since then. The drop of Bollywood Mantra’s index seems to be part of change in Big G’s algorithm change.

If you have any information about BigAdda or have any conspiracy theories please do share in comments!

Open Social 0.6 – Not there yet

Google released its Open Social 0.1 sometime ago with a promise to be something open and make life of a developer much easier. It has been a few months now and it is still not there yet. I have programmed on both Open Social and Facebook’s Dev program. Facebook’s APIs are much thought out and gives a developer a lot of power. On the other hand Google launched the half-baked hardly-alpha set of APIs. Implementation of Open Social on Orkut is nothing much more than framing pages (not literally though). Google’s Open Social will be releasing ver 0.6 on Orkut soon. Here are the release notes.

According to a Google employee

Orkut’s sandbox is going to be moving to version 0.6 of the OpenSocial API. The Orkut team has been working hard to complete this update and is currently aiming for a release of the new functionality late next week.

It seems like they have made the “framing” better.

Enhanced support for fetching remote content. Another addition to the API is the new opensocial.makeRequest method. This is an enhancement to the current gadget API IG_Fetch… methods. The opensocial.makeRequest method allows for POSTs as well as GETs, and you can specify whether you want your data fetch to be signed or even authenticated.

I am no longer wasting my time thinking about an Open Social app, at least till they come up with a solid program for developers.

Gmail’s labels need usability improvement

I have been using Gmail for a long time now. I really love using the intuitive design and very good usability. I get about 50+ emails everyday in my personal gmail inbox. I use various filters and labels to sort my emails, but there are times when I have to label the emails by myself, without using the filters. I have more than 25 labels (I guess) and it is difficult to reach to the label starting with ‘P’ or ‘S’. I have to scroll down my huge list of labels, which is painful if I have to label a few emails.

When I was at Googleplex earlier this year, I saw a Google employee had a workaround to this problem. She added ‘_’ (an underscore) in front of the labels she wanted to see on the top. She added multiple underscores to labels depending what position she wanted it to show in the list. This work around is good, but not really a solid solution.

To begin with I would like to see ‘most frequently used’ labels on top. This will make life easier. Although a better solution would be to have an inline editing (think Google Calendar or Flickr) to add tag and as the user starts typing the label, the interface should suggest the labels.

It will be good to see Gmail team to make labeling emails easier!

Toy Hunt on Google Earth

Google has started an interesting promotion for Google Earth. They will provide a clue everyday till 24th Dec. and solution of the clue will get you to “a toy hidden in a Google Earth satellite image”. The location of the toy will be revealed next day. Blog post on Google’s blog does not clarify if multiple people can get the toy.

I think it will be fun to solve clues, so I am gonna go for it. I haven’t used Google Earth, just saw it working on a friend’s computer, so I’ll need to know a bit more about it.

To participate in the toy hunt, you will need Google Earth 4 and Santa Tracker and Toy Hunt.

Good Luck with finding toys!

Update: Today’s location was Mumbai, when I reached there the toy was gone. I thought they ‘d have difficult clues, but I guess this is really for kids.

Google Earth Toy hunt

New Google Finance

I am not a hardcore Stock Market observer, but do have a general sense of what is going on and what trends look like. I use Yahoo Finance most of the time. It provides a good service with the portfolio. Google Finance a fairly newer service has certain things that appeal to me.

Google does not punish me if I don’t know the symbol for a particular company. They simply provide it in the search bar using ‘suggest feature’. Yahoo on the other hand force me to click a link called ‘Symbol Lookup’ then search for the company to lookup the symbol then comeback to the original page and get info for that symbol. It is annoying. I am not a stock broker, I don’t need to learn these symbols by heart.

Google Finance also allows me add a number of shares in my portfolio. This is a good way to track total loss/gain. I don’t think I have seen this feature in Yahoo finance.

I thought Google Finance did not have international data, but I do see it right now (atleast Indian). This was the only thing I missed in Google Finance.

Today Google Finance got a facelift and some new features and data. Checkout the funny video released by them.

via TC

Google-Yahoo copying wars

I was shocked to find out that Google copied a page from Yahoo. I was waiting for them to pull it off their website or change it and a response from them. They changed the page after a few hours, but have not released any official statement.

Matt Cutts from Google posted (unofficial) yet another interesting fact about the Google-Yahoo relationship. He pointed out that Yahoo has copied Google’s Adword design/layout multiple times.

On another note: Google open-sourced its Google Web Toolkit.