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pay for receiving sms

hello (after a loooooong time)

I came back 2 US exatly a mnth ago n was (still am) caught up in daily routine thingy. Hopefully I will rite more often now.

Actually I was reading this
@ np.com and tht. that, I shud say smthng about the matter.

I h8 h8 h8 h8 and seriously h8 paying for _receiving_ SMs. I have Cingular, they charge me 10 cents outgoing or incoming SMs. When I got the plan,

me (on the fone)- You mean 10 c for receiving SMS?
the girl – yes
me – U sure?
she – yes
me – Is there a way that I can accept or reject SMS?
she – we don’t have anything like that.
me – so, what if some XYZ keeps messaging me unwanted messages.
she – aaaaaa…you can turn off the messages.
me – what do you mean?
she – you can change the settings and choose not to receive any message.
me – What if someone is sending a very urgent message?
she – I am not sure.

ohhhh….well….cellphones r just rip offs in USA. There have been a lot of improvements since I bought my 1st CDMS AT&T fone (4 yrs ago). I asked the salesman,

so where do I put the SIM card? (I was still a FOB)
the guy – what card?
me – don’t u have to put a chip kind of card in the phone to activate it?
he – no
me – then how do you activate it?
he – just call this 800 # and they will do it for you….

AT&T charged 10 c for sending SMS but receiving was free.

Then I bought a sprint fone…..wallah, it was even better, it had no SMS at all, so no jhanjhat @ all.

Then came my Cingular fone, which has a SIM card. But it sucks that they charge money for receiving SMs. I definetly see a potential law suit here. They are charging you for something which is not in your hands and they will charge you for it no matter u authorize it or not. I wish I had the time and expertise to initiate the law suit and could have made a lot of $$ :D.

I used hutch during my trip to India n their signal was much better than wot I get here.

Rest later,

Poojaniya Server ji ko pranaam aur PHP ko sadar charan sparsh. (I was good @ the rattafication of hindi letters to the family)