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The Bush Phenomenon!

I haven’t liked Bush ever since…. he attacked Iraq. Watched Farenheit 9/11 a few days back and disliked him even more….

Other day in my philosophy class we discussed how Hitler started a fire in German Parliament and declared that they were under attack by Terrorists and he wanted more powers as the chancelor, which reminded us of the Patriot Act. The mechanism of terror really works, when you scare people and scare them repeatedly they stop thinking and want to get rid of the terror.

The war on Taliban/AL – Qaida was justifiable and was supported by the whole world including U.N. …but acc. to Michael Moore (F – 9/11) Manhattan had more cops than the army sent to Afghanistan and the army didn’t attack the area, where OBL was hiding until 2 months of their operation….

…but what Bush did was started another war against Iraq. The pretext: Saddam and Al Qaida, Al Qaida and Saddam – Couldn’t prove it. Then the whole world was told that Saddam is evil coz he has WMDs… they had proofs…. WMDs haven’t been found yet…. then came the nobel cause….. – The people of America, under the leadership of President Bush would help the ones who are deprived, who are seeking justice…. America gave them justice by attacking Iraq, without the consent of U.N. and many other countries…. Saddam was captured and the war had ended…yay!!!! but wait a minute, what is US Army still doing there? Getting there soilders killed? Killing more than 100,000 Iraqi civilians (Hitler killed 4 – 6 m Jews….we are lagging far behind)

Why doesn’t Bush leave them alone and bring his tired and frustrated army back? and what about the OBL dude? Last I heard was that he was somewhere b/w Pakistan and Afghanistan’s border….. how hard is it to find him? Bush got Afghanistan’s support and also mr. Musharraf wouldn’t make Bush unhappy either.

If the WMDs were the real concern then Bush should ask N. Korea to disarm or ask our padosi desh to have a purely democratic govt. without any dictator or military rule.

As far as the elections are concerned…I think Kerry was definetly a weak candidate. Ds should have had a stronger candidate, someone like Clinton. Now I am wondering how unsafe would this world be on 2nd Nov. 2008.

Forget Bush, vote for Amitabh.