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Cheap web development

One of my contacts at Linkedin asked a really good question. I was thinking about a business model related toit a few days ago. I wanted to share it with non-linkedin folks.


What would you like to see in a web development and web solution providing company, serving the web needs of individuals, home/ family businesses, small and medium sized businesses? What areas do you think current providers do not cater/ address or have problems with? Do you see a need of “Wal-Mart or Ikea” of web development services? What will be the problems or challenges of commoditizing “designing & development” part in such an approach?

I see a lot of turnkey solutions for web. All you have to do is upload them to your server, configure it a bit and you are good to go. However, these solutions do not work for people who do not understand what/how to FTP or what a server is.

I have come across people from really small business to a small-medium business who hire third party to handle their website. I think a cheap to mid level web developing company providing custom services would be a good option. As others said, there are too many “modules”, DIY tools floating around for people who know a bit about basic computers.

I have seen a lot of companies provide contractors for web development or on other hand you can hire freelancers from elance or odesk. I haven’t seen too many companies providing a complete small web development team for projects offshore. For instance a couple of web developers, a designer and a manager in India would provide lot of help to an upcoming startup in USA.

I think a small professionally managed team would help a lot of companies to either share burden with current projects or additional features/projects. The company could have 16 hours of development in a day.

The web dev company would hire web developers, designers and managers with web experience. Provide the employees with office, software, hardware and communication tools. The web developers should be junior to mid level with a few architect level mentors for these developers (say 1 architect for 5 small teams). The web dev company should make sure that their clients’ IP is secure and they should have well defined processes to get feedback from clients and to work fast on the issues reported.

I think a price somewhere around $4000 – $7000 per month should be good for a team of 2 developers (1 junior, another mid level), a part time designer and a manager who communicates with the client. I think this price should be good for both the web dev company and the company hiring the team.