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Brijj.com bug

Bug on Brijj.com

Found this on Brijj.com after a couple of minutes of browsing. I wasn’t looking for something like this. I imported and then deleted bunch of contacts. The parameter count, which had the number of people I deleted looked out of the place. In most secure applications it is handled on the server side instead of passing it as a GET parameter and then reading it. Even if it is passed as a GET param due to app limitations, server side processing is done to the GET text to make sure it is what it should be. In this case it should be checked if it is an INTEGER, if not then don’t display it.

More Makemytrip woes

I was looking for a ticket on Yatra.com, but didn’t find S’pore Airlines on it. I then tried Makemytrip. They seriously need to work on their usability. Add the dammn ticket cost and tax for the consumer. I can’t believe that they don’t let you sort results. The default sort order they show you is totally random based on the ticket cost (not including tax), so it is not even the cheapest ticket on the top. I think most of their orders are placed via phone or their online chat ‘thingy’. I know labor is cheap in India, but my advice to them is, spend resources on the product – then you’ll see less of those calls and online chats.

On another note, I like Ixigo, they got funded recently (congratts!). Ixigo is Indian ‘Kayak’. I like their simple, clean design and a ton of sorting/filtering features. That’s what a good product should look like!

Arzoo.com got fixed

A few days ago I pointed out that Arzoo.com does not have an option to search/buy One Way tickets. They silently fixed it.

arzoo got fixed

Here is the broken version:


Response from Makemytrip and the update by Arzoo.com is promising. These companies are following blogs/media and working on the feedback provided.

User feedback is free QA :)

Update: I guess I posted the post too soon. Just found – searching for tickets from SFO to New Delhi redirects me to a blank page for both One way and Round Trip on Firefox and WinXP.

Makemytrip.com not working and Arzoo.com needs some work

makemytrip.com down

us.makemytrip.com has not been working since at least two hours and is still not operational. Sometime back I was getting an explicit error page when I searched for tickets, but now it is trying to load the results page infinitely. I don’t know how a site like makemytrip afford to be non-functional for such a long time. It would mean loss of a few hundreds if not thousands. I wonder if they have process/server alerts set up and they are aware of the problem. It would be really funny if they are not aware of the problem.

On a similar note I saw Arzoo.com’s big banner on O’Farrel st. in SF (near Naan n Curry – location makes sense). Arzoo is a venture started by Sabeer Bhatia (Hotmail fame) a few years ago. During the .com bust they had to end the operations. He has now re-launched it as a (yet another) Travel Portal.
Here is the funny part: The site does not have an option to search for a one-way air ticket (at least I couldn’t see it). If they do not have the option, they need better Product Development team and if they do have it somewhere they need a better UI team.


Firefox 1.5 Beta 1

Beta Tester

Yes, 1.5 Beta 1 is out!!

I started disliking FF coz it gave me memory creeps. It was consuming sys memory like a monster. I generally have my browser open for a very long time, I open and close tabs. It appeared that FF 1.* wasn’t freeing the memory after the tab is closed.

It has been 5 minutes since I downloaded the new ver. and is too early to claim anything, but still this one feels much better.

Aaina, had some probs with WP and IE, so I recommended her to download Opera, coz I was unhappy w/ FF. Opera works well!! I was also thinking to move from FF to Opera, but never got a chance. Probably now, I won’t have to change my browser.

Another News about FF: A flaw has been spotted in FF (all versions.) If you use FF and haven’t patched it yet, here is your chance to know more about the bug and download a temporary work around.