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Why can’t Vista be consistent?

We have an internal server based uploader that handles uploading of Zip files. The app checks for the type of the file uploaded and then decides what to do with it.

When that app was initially tested, I found a strange bug where ‘certain’ zip files from Vista were failing to upload. I later found out that a regular zip file (read as in XP or Winzip) has a type ‘application/zip’. But the zip files created on Vista (by ‘sending’ them to compressed folder) had the type ‘application/x-zip-compressed’. Why? I wondered, but was happy to resolve the bug.

I started having the same problem on Vista again since day before yesterday. XP uploads are fine. It occurred to me that it might be a similar problem. I checked the file type and indeed that was the problem. Now, Vista’s compressed folders have type ‘application/binary’. WTH? I tried zipping up the files on XP and then copying it over to Vista and got the same result. I then tried to upload the file from XP over the network (shared folder) and again got the exact same result. I believe, Vista (or even other OSes) copy file locally from the shared network and then send it for upload. Finally tried to upload the file using XP….and it worked.

I updated my Vista box a couple of days ago with the regular updates from MSFT, I think that’s what caused the change in the type. Now, I need to find if zipping the files with 7-zip has the same effect as ‘compressed folders’.

I wonder who and why that change was authorized/implemented?

Update: Seems like after a few updates it is fixed now. May be was a bug.