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Firefox 1.5 Beta 1

Beta Tester

Yes, 1.5 Beta 1 is out!!

I started disliking FF coz it gave me memory creeps. It was consuming sys memory like a monster. I generally have my browser open for a very long time, I open and close tabs. It appeared that FF 1.* wasn’t freeing the memory after the tab is closed.

It has been 5 minutes since I downloaded the new ver. and is too early to claim anything, but still this one feels much better.

Aaina, had some probs with WP and IE, so I recommended her to download Opera, coz I was unhappy w/ FF. Opera works well!! I was also thinking to move from FF to Opera, but never got a chance. Probably now, I won’t have to change my browser.

Another News about FF: A flaw has been spotted in FF (all versions.) If you use FF and haven’t patched it yet, here is your chance to know more about the bug and download a temporary work around.

Google Talk

It has happened finally….. Google has launched its Messenger (Ofcourse the Beta Version.) There had been a lot of speculations about it since a long time. Technically it is supposed to be launched on wednesday (tomorrow), but its already up @ their website right now, coz its wednesday in other parts of the world.

You can download the “Google Talk” here, but the catch is that u have to have a Gmail a/c which, most of the ppl have these days and if u don’t then contact me.

Right now it is very primitive, the main funda is Voice Messaging. I haven’t tested it in a duplex mode w/ someone while Voice Chatting, so can’t say too much bout its Voice quality and the lag time etc.

You get new email @ ur Gmail a/c notifications similar to Y! and MSN IMs. There r no Smileys, they just show the main gestures such as a smile or laughter in blue color.

I am sure….in coming few days, we will definetly see a lot of goodies coming to us in the form of Google Talk.

BTW checkout an article about it. Also checkout its features w/ screenshots here.

Feel free to Add me, the username is same as my domain name!!

PS – No, it doesn’t have any contextual based Ads (so, far) and I don’t think they will introduce any Ads, coz it is more for making a customer base…..