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New blog

My blogging journey sarted w/ Xanga, then came the Open Source – Livejournal and finally am here with wp. I like WP’s features – Trackback and Pinging are really good ones!

The readers will be knowing lot about me thru my posts in coming few days, but heres a brief intro (I’ll add my intro into my profile)

F Name: gauraV
L Name: sharmA

Wot do I do? – surfing net, programming (PHP, C/C++), receive forwarded emails and forward them too, Photographing w/ my new digital camera (its fun!), eat, laugh, blah blah…. ohh yeah and I also study (if I am free) – BS in CS from CSUH . I am basically from a city called faridabad (a city near Dilli), spent about 19 yrs of my life over there. I am acidically from Bay Area (CA, US).