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Google stole my idea

lol…. Its just that they got it patented, whereas I thought about it and then forgot all about it. They were awarded the patent yesterday and guess what I got in email today:

AdSense for Feeds

The emergence of RSS and Atom feeds has created a new way of sharing content with the world. Until now, finding a way to monetize these feeds was a difficult task. Without the need for users to visit the feed site, publishers were gaining eyes but were decreasing ad coverage. The solution arrived with the release of AdSense for feeds, a way of inserting relevant Google ads into RSS and Atom feeds. If you share your content through either of these technologies, check out the AdSense for feeds section of AdSense Support to learn how to earn money from your feed.

Even I thought, that one needs to provide the whole article/content in the feed, so that these adverts work well. But won’t that (the data from each article) increase the load on the server and will load the pages (where the RSS feed is fed) very slow?