LinkedIn Profile Photos could have waited

I am a LinkedIn user for a long time now. I like it, but feel that they can improve a lot with the feature set. LinkedIn hass added profile pictures. The last feature addition that I heard/observed was adding a Facebook Like “How you know this contact” with a few other things. I don’t mind professionals adding their pictures to their LinkedIn profiles, but I think there are lot of other features that should have been prioritized. Here is my short feature wishlist for LinkedIn (not in any order).

1) Right now I can choose to share/hide my contacts from other contacts globally only. I would like to see this feature per user specific. I like to share my entire network with others, but some of my contacts do not share their network. I would like to ‘unshare’ my network with them.

2) This has been said many times, but I’ll still say it again – API, API and API. Open up!

3) Ability to create/manage groups.

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