Gmail pop settings

Gmail supports a lot of Email clients. The list can be found in the comments for my old post.

Although my Gmail doesn’t show that I have the pop access yet, I still gave it a shot and downloaded Gmail’s utility for pop settings for Outlook Express. My account didn’t work for pop 😛 but here are the configuration settings for other clients:

Incoming Mail:

Outgoing Mail:

Account Name: [email protected] (Note that it is your full email address)

Click “My server requires authentication”

Gmail doesn’t use default ports, the ports are:

SMTP or Outgoing Mail: 465

POP3 or Incoming Mail: 995

Also click “This server requires a secure connection (SSL)”

I tried to search for a review on Gmail’s pop access but couldn’t find one. I am not sure how Gmail will handle the advertisments? Will they imbed them in email like Adsense Ads on the webpages or they won’t have them at all. If they won’t have them at all then how are they gonna earn? Gmail said that they do not intend to charge for the feature.

I am also wondering how the labels and filters will be handled in the pop?

Why would gmail make people’s accounts poped in phases?

The only thing I could think was that the Gmail users must have accumulated a lot of mails. In my use of about 7 months, I have 87 Megs including 200 mails in Trash, which would eventually delete. So if everybody starts to download (sync) 100 some megs from their account at same time, Gmail’s servers would freak out. I think they are alloting a certain bandwidth per day/per week/per hour ? say 200 gb per week and would allot pop access to x users whose combined data is 200 gb. More users would be alloted the pop access as the previous ones synchronize their accounts.

Would like to hear the official version of the phase thingy. The official statement said that it will be done in coming several weeks which can mean a few months. If someone already got the pop access then do let me know your review.

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