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Top 4 entrepreneurship podcasts for busy startup founders

One can read several blogs, scan people’s tweets, go to conferences, listen/watch tons of podcasts to learn insights into how other entrepreneurs operated. Who doesn’t like to get free advice from people who have been there done that, but the reality is as a startup founder you always have a shit load of things that you wanted to get done yesterday. Below is list of podcasts that I subscribe to (with my comments on them). Hope it helps you find good content and save time.

  1. Kevin Rose‘s Foundation is numero uno on my list because it is once a month 30-40 minute video. Each episode features a founder and their story. I have watched serial entrepreneurs to ones just starting out on the show. The show provides a lot of insights which may not be widely known in the industry.

    Subscription: Private Newsletter (Paid: $3.99 while writing this post). I don’t subscribe to the newsletter, but assume there is a lot more than the podcast. Kevin releases the podcast in the private newsletter earlier (30 days?) than its public (read free) release. If you are like me, you can subscribe to the podcast for free via itunes. It is also available on Vimeo (there are other personal videos too).

  2. Second on my list is Mark Suster‘s This Week In Venture Capital. This is usually once a week podcast, 60-90 minutes with a guest varying from startup founders to investors. I like Mark’s candidness and actionable advice for startups and founders. If you don’t follow his blog or Twitter, you are missing out on some great advice.

    Subscription: iTunes or YouTube/TWI Website

  3. Next is Jason Calacanis‘ podcast called This Week In Startups (TWiST). The frequency for this podcast is more than the previous two and varies from 2-4 episodes a week. The time for each episode also varies from about 40 minutes to 90 minutes. Usually the show brings in a founder of a startup as a guest and talk about their startup and tech industry in general. Jason is an amazing entertainer and media person, the way he advertises his sponsors is unique to the show and I haven’t seen anywhere else. Another innovative thing the show recently implemented is let interested people be part of the show. You can checkout TWiST List if you are interested to be producer of the show.

    Caveats: #1 Usually the show sticks to startups, but sometimes the episodes or certain sections of episodes talk about other things (such as bitcoin).
    #2 I believe once a week, the show runs an episode appropriately named “News RoundTable” where they invite tech industry experts and discuss the weekly tech news. There are nuggets of insights, but if you get your news from other sources like Twitter or TechMeme, you can skip these episodes.
    Subscription: iTunes or TWiSt website

  4. Andrew Warner‘s Mixergy (Home of the ambitious upstart – this is something he says at the start of each interview #branding) is an amazing source of inspiration. The frequency of the new episodes is about 5/week with each episode about 50-90 minutes long. He usually brings in great founders who are either still working on their startups or already had success for a one on one interview. I am amazed at the things he persuades founders to talk about (revenue numbers, actual user numbers, etc.) and a lot of them do talk about specifics. Andrew goes in details and talk about specifics of ups and downs. This is a great example (scroll mid-page) of how Andrew got Rand Fishkin to talk about things he didn’t talk about in public before this interview. The only reason this is #4 on my list is because it generates about 5+ hours of content every week for me and due to lack of time I usually end up skimming through most of the interviews.

    Subscription: iTunes

I believe there are several other great resources that I missed in this list, but with the finite time I have and the things I have to do, this is a list that works great for me. Another resource that you can follow is my Trunkly account. I usually share 3-5 links a day via Twitter about startups, web and mobile technologies and sometimes funny (to me) links.

You should follow me on Twitter at @gsharma.
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