Citi NRI Vs ICICI NRI Bank Account

Are you an NRI and confused which bank is better to open an NRE/NRO Bank Account in India? Keep reading if you answered yes. A few months ago, I had the same confusion and doubt in my mind. I researched the opportunities these banks provided me.

I was in India last December and thought it would be really nice to open an account while I am here. I had downloaded and filled HDFC Bank’s account opening form, but forgot to take it with me to India (which wasn’t a big deal.) I was confused if I should go with HDFC bank or ICICI bank. My family and friends in India suggested that I should go with ICICI instead of HDFC. I went to ICICI’s Faridabad branch with a relative who had an account there. There is no need for a reference to open an NRE/NRO account with ICICI, but my relative knew the bank employees. The employee photocopied my documents (Passport, etc.) I was impressed that they do such things in India, but I don’t know if it was due to the presence of my relative or they treat every customer like that. I was also surprised to see a lot of banners saying “Free Gift” to NRIs, who open an account with ICICI. It was surprising because, it wasn’t a NRI specific branch, it was just another random ICICI branch (I haven’t seen them all though.)

The bank employee gave me a packet, which had a check (cheque, whatever you prefer) book, ATM card, Internet banking password and PIN. We asked for the “Free Gift” and the employee said they were “Out of Stock” and they would deliver it later to my relative as I was about to leave for US the next day. They did give the gift to my relative. After a couple of days when I came back to USA, I logged onto ICICI’s website and entered my login details, to find out that my User Id is disabled. Through my relative I found out that it will take some time, as the bank sends all the documents to Mumbai head office and it takes some time. I waited patiently for few days and then contacted the ICICI again through [email protected] The NRI cell told me that they are not aware of the account status and I should contact the ICICI branch. The bank employee told me that my signature did not match, and I had made a small error (had an extra check mark) on the form. I had filled the form in front of the employee and she checked it for any possible error.

The saga continued and after several email exchanges – asking for updates the Faridabad branch sent me the scanned form and asked me to correct the so-called error and sign the form and send a letter stating, that these are my latest signatures etc. I sent the required stuff. After about 2.5 months (mid march) I got access to my online account. I was happy to see my account online, but that happiness didn’t last long.

I was unable to transfer funds online. After, a few email exchanges and a several telephone calls to 1-866-ICICI-4U, I (and ICICI) had no clue as to what’s going on with my account. I sent an email to escalate the issue and got a reply after a few days, but the Head – Customer Service office was able to find out the real issue and updated me as promised. The problem was that, when I sent the scanned docs my online account was enabled but the transfers were frozen until I send them the originals of those docs. But, it wasn’t documented anywhere in the entire system, but perhaps in some register (as in note book) in the branch (I assume.)

I had contacted Citi Bank NRI services late last year. I had to send them the filled account opening form. While I was frustrated with ICICI bank, I received an email from Citi Bank that they have an open house in Berkeley (a city near by.) I went there and submitted the filled form to the banking officer. The email said that they would have a photo camera, so if I didn’t have the passport size pics, they can click them there. The banking officer told me that he could not get hold of the camera, but suggested me that there was a photography store near by. He didn’t know much about what other Indian banks are supported for online fund transfer and asked me to check it on the website (which I couldn’t find out, until I had an a/c). I was told that it will take about 15 days for my a/c to open.

With my ICICI experience and comments from friends that Citi Bank (India) isn’t that great, I hardly had any hopes. However, on the 14th day I got an (automated) email that my Citi NRE account has been opened and I will receive my checkbook and other stuff within next 2 weeks. Next day I got another (automated) email that INR XXXX has been deposited to my bank account. 2 days later, I received a UPS package from Chennai containing my Internet Password and PIN. Finally, a day later, I received another courier from Chennai containing my checkbook, ATM card etc. I setup my online account easily.

I used my Citi NRE account to transfer money to one of my friend’s Citi Bank account in India. I was shocked to find out that he received the money almost after 5 minutes. I think ICICI takes about 2 days for ICICI-ICICI bank transfer. I then used Citi Bank’s “Free Draft” service to send a few drafts. They were delivered free of cost to door step. The turn around time was also quick (2 working days max.)

Citi bank has an intelligent keyboard system to enter password. It helps to avoid potential key-loggers. I don’t understand why ICICI bank takes 2 days to transfer money from one ICICI bank account to other? Four or more consecutive failed attempts to login into ICICI Internet account, disables you user ID. The ID could only be enabled only after you send an email to [email protected] In this age of the Internet, ICICI takes (at least) 2 working days to enable your Id. Haven’t they heard of something called “What is your mother’s maiden name?” They ask you to send your complete address and other A/C related info to the email and then I guess some human being matches it and enables your ID. Also, if you forget you password you call/write to ICICI and they courier your new password from India. I think all this can be made much simpler by an automated “forgot password” section.

On the whole, my experience with Citi bank has been much better than with ICICI bank. I wouldn’t blame the people working for ICICI for this, but the upper management who creates these non-customer-friendly systems. I think they have complicated things for themselves. I think 25% of the money they use for advertising should be devoted in their customer service department.

I would like to add that the above mentioned was my experience with ICICI and Citi banks in India. I knew few people who had good experience with ICICI bank’s NRI cell. One can not generalize the whole bank’s Customer Service using one incident.

From whatever I have understood after researching both the banks, I think if the primary goal for an NRE/NRO account is to transfer funds to India to family and for other purposes, then Citi Bank is a better choice. However, if you want to invest in Mutual Funds ( you don’t have too much choice as Citi Bank does not provide such a service till date. ICICI seems to have a monopoly in this sector and it doesn’t leave you with much choice.

BTW, I mailed my docs to ICICI’s NRI center today, let’s hope I get to use my own money by the end of April. Also, I should get a Rang De Basanti DVD from Citi Bank soon :).

Please do add your opinions/findings on this matter in the comments below.

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  • VB

    I and others will greatly appreciate if you please share your experience with your new CItiBank account. I am one of the many who have difficulty making a decision. I have used the Money2India service in past and had no problem.
    Thank you.

  • Rshahrma

    Hope you have included income form NRI / NROs on your tax returns and filed FBARs..

    To avoid huge penalties for not filing these forms in time.

  • Raj

    yes ICICI bank are bit bad from all the above explained..even I loosed hope from them as well & not doing any transctions..CITI bank is my preferred bank since last 6 years & never faced any problem.


  • Test

    Congrats Gaurav getting good hits for yours site.After reading yours blog opned citi acc,but the exchange rate is poor compare to sbi,guyu don,t lose yours hard earned money into to the hands of indian private banks .There are directly cheating people in exchange RBI also sleeping

  • Santhosh

    I sure agree with you that ICICI has the most customer-unfriendly systems in place.. They have one thousand passwords with a password to do each thing; they want you to physically mail documents and forms even for updating mobile number and recovering forgotten passwords.. thinking of having to deal with ICICI gives me nightmares.. I have been trying to do some inter-bank transactions in India and I am stuck in this vicious cycle of filling out forms and calling customer care and all that.. i so wish I could do myself a favor by closing this stupid account…

  • Anonymous

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  • Sreedharreddy19

    You are perfectly right dude, i am so f***ed up with this F*****g ICICI NRI services. Imagine to enable account password they take 7 bussiness days (they will send password through normal mail from Mumbai to US address). They won’t enable locked account otherwise. I am going to close accounts with ICICI tomorrow.

  • Kusaura

    Never had icici but little bit of money transfer experience with the rupee checking account using citi-bank rupee checking account. I almost always forget my UN PW, and it always takes month to receive another IPIN from India in slow as snail mail (Hate that), citi bank – PLEASE ADD FORGOT PW , or FORGOT IPIN or FORGOT UN or CREATE UN instead of this insanely long card number every single time. No one has that much of time in US to reach out for your debit card every single time as your CREATE USERID never works.

    Exchange rates for transferring money into my NRI account was never great, and i have always ended up transferring money using xoom, remit2india or money2india instead of citinri….what a mess is your citinri – very much user non-friendly. I am seeing the same old interface after 6-7 years with no improvements in its security or speed or usability.

  • Kusaura

    But, i do appreciate citi bank’s services in India, better than ICICI, their customer service is so much out of current standards, not sure of SBI’s  NRI accounts though. Citibank never charged me for using another ATM or DD’s, i like that.  When i sent money using icici couple years ago, it was lost in between, i think they used it for one month before returning it to my US bank on my request, and after i returned back to US from my India trip(Couldn’t even use that money in India). Sorry ICICI – No Offense.

    Customer service – They had ‘ego’, they did’t have any respect, they were not courteous to me even when i was to them – of-course everyone was not like that, but recruiters must realize that every single employee represents ICICI, and courteousness is the first and the minimum they should practice before they can even say they have a customer service.

  • srinivas yaddanapudi

    It might be true with CITI Bank NRI accounts in US , UK CITI BANK is the worst NRI bank account to open ..they are bunch of idiots sitting in London Branch.

  • Drownforgood

    So much noise over all banks. Banks have no other choice. They are not in a sophisticated land, they have only one way to protect your money. Just keep adding more and more security (even though looks stupid) levels. Guys, you are not opening a tap and get a bucket full of currencies, you sweat a lot 24/7 to earn money. It is tough, but at the end you have your money safe. Don’t force the banks to lift securities. SSO is the easiest way to lose money in India. You don’t feel it until you taste it.

  • Karpaka

    citibank had to be bailed out

  • Iyerravi

    I just transferred a big amount of USD using wire transfer to my ICICI account. I was shocked at the exchange rate that was provided. They provided me with a rate that was almost 70 paise less than what was quoted by money2india or the rate offered by using wells Fargo for a one day transfer

    I am in communication with their customer service but they claim that was the prevailing rate. I have lost confidence with this bank and am looking at opening an account with another bank 

  • Gbvyas

    I disagree with you Gaurav when you stated that 25% of advertising budget should be spent on customer service by ICICI – I think it slould be at least 75% !!!!   I too have a lot of experience with ICICI – and have been given INCORRECT information on many occassions by Bank staff – which is inexusable !!!!

  • SS

    I completely agree with above comments.

  • March312004

    i would just like to say. i have been banking with icici for almost 10 years. in india and uk. this bank is great. havent come across any probs. sure the bank offers few pennies less whilst sending money from icici uk to india compared to money 2 india. however icici does not charge a penny whilst money 2 india charges minimum 5 pounds. 

  • Gizmoz



    Greetings from ICICI Securities Ltd.


    This is with reference to your Application No.xxxxxxxxxx for opening a 3-in-1 ICICI Direct account and PAN Card
    application (Form 49A)  made on your visit to India.  We wish to inform
    that your application has been rejected due to below reason :


    NRI 3 in 1 Application


    1. Sign Mismatch : Please note that your signature across
    the photo in the Demat Standalone Form mismatches with the signature in
    the remaining form.

    You shall be therefore required to replace the page.


    2. Father’s Name : Please note that your father’s name in the 3 in 1 application mismatches with the same mentioned in the KRA KYC form.

    Name in the 3 in 1 application form is : xxxx yyyy zzzz

    Name in the KRA KYC form is : xxxx yyyy


    PAN Card Application – Form 49A


    1. Overseas Address Proof : Please note that we shall require your Overseas address proof for processing of Form 49A.


     The above mentioned rejection can be
    rectified only on your visit to India. Therefore on your visit, you may
    get in touch with us for rectification of your application by calling at
    our Customer Care centre or you can write us at [email protected]. Our executive will get in touch with you to complete the necessary formalities

  • MJ

     Hi VJ,

    I have been using SBI – Singapore for almost two years, and it has been great. However, there NRI officer changed at one of the branches; she is rude and not very knowledgeable either. I think with SBI, it ultimately depends on whom you are dealing with.

    I agree DBS is much better, but given SBI services in India, I find them far more efficient here. For NRE, I think SBI is still one of the most trusted banks. Staff at ICICI branch in Singapore are never responsive, and consider as if it’s an obligation when they have to reply.

  • Kenny

    Why don’t you stupid people use Nationalised Indian Bank? Because of you bunch of people they make lot of money out of nothing but just making people fool.

  • Chris

    Good feedback…do not go to HDFC for any reason at all..They are worse than any of the other banks…

  • AKR

    I too had a same experience as you. Now I am happy with the CITI bank NRI account.By the way nice feed back.

  • Vergis1982

    i am using citi nri since last 4 years without having any issues. i have no idea about other private bank nri services, but i am happy with citi nri.

  • s.kannan

    I have faced very bad experience with ICICI bank, I have also gone through failed login attempts, problems in transferring funds but the worst came in when I moved my house in singapore and gave the change of address to ICICI bank. I personally went to Anna Salai branch chennai and fill up the form for address change. For more than one year I didn’t receive any communication from ICICI, I have called the NRI helpdesk to request for my change of address many times but nothing happened. to during my next trip I went to the same branch and asked about my address change they informed me they didn’t receive any request from my end. Then I tried to withdraw money from ATM, my card was blocked because of non activity. (I have transferred money through online, even through they claimed that I haven’t used ATM). So I don’t have access to ATM and no access to online.

    Then I went to the branch request to close the account, then manager asked me the reason, I explained him the problems which I were faced, he has requested me don’t close the account, he will set right everything in two weeks time, but from Oct 2008 untill today that two weeks haven’t crossed. Some one from NRI section has called me and told she is my NRI relation manager and asked me any help I needed? I have requested one help from her, please don’t call me from ICICI. Still my money around INR 65000 is in the account not able to access.

    After that I went to Andhra bank, Pammal Chennai branch, I have opened two NRI accounts one for myself and for my wife, really no one  believe it the service is amazing, they give me cheque book, ATM cards everything. The branch manager Mr. Joseph is helpful and enquires we sent to him to his email id , believe me you will get reply on the same day.

    I think still nationalized banks are better than the so called hifi private banks.


  • Vullisri

    I perfectly agree with this review. ICICI sucks. I did a money transfer to my NRI account with large amount. after 5 days I received an email saying money got deposited to my account. when I logged in to my account the deposit was not made. I sent at least 10 emails to nri@icicibank:disqus .com and received no replay for 20 days. After 20 days I received an email saying money was not deposited due to name mis-match. I asked the ICICI guys to refund the money to my US bank. Again no answer for 5 days. They sent an email saying they cannot refund the money as they already converted the money to Indian rupees. I dont under stand the purpose of using NRE account, I should be able to access my finds in both currencies.
    I has another month of fight with them. They really don’t care about the customer. Their answer dont have relation with your question, they will just say some thing that has nothing to do with our problem. when started fighting about the money, they started explaining about their software problem and computer problem etc.
    Please, Please don’t open an account with ICICI.

  • Anon

    Agree 100% ICICI sucks ..they nickel and dime you for every single thing and are not efficient as all !!! ICICI is the worst bank I know honestly ..for every little thing they ask you to visit the nearest branch which doesn’t make any sense for NRI !

  • VJ U

    I am currently facing the same issue with HDFC Bank. I sent the documents 40 days back to Mumbai address from US. To update that they received the docs they took away my 90% of energy. Once they confirmed they received after repeated calls, now they are taking my remaining 10% of energy to run after them and am exhausted and till today a simple NRE savings account has not been opened yet till today APRIL 14th. Docs sent on Mar6th.
    Should have done the home work before choosing the Bank.
    WORST NRI Service from HDFC Bank.
    Am giving up and will try to work with CitiBank…hope it works out smoothly like yours. Thanks for your valuable Blog.

  • Schnappes98

    I have been using ICICI bank as an NRI for my NRE and NRO and was very happy at first…(1-2 weeks only – during account opening) because they would come to my house in Delhi and do all the paperwork. 12 years later…i.e. today…I have asked them to close all my accounts and NRI FD’s even though I will be incurring penalties to close early. I have been super loyal, kept most of my Indian money with them, to the tune of over 100K and am supposedly a Platinum (and Privelege) customer. I am soooooo frustrated with their level of service. The people are great, greet you with a smile, but it ends there. As the main post above notes, their own systems and processes are so complicated that as a consumer one gets so frustrated that simple things don’t work well.

    My Mom recently passed away and I need to change the Mandate holder (not joint account, just mandate – i.e. someone who can operate my account)…guess what it is such a cumbersome process and they need my Mom’s signature :(

    If you want to transfer money to someone in India and the payee is not set-up in your account…there is an endless loop for the verification process. Go to the bank or call bank – they say call customer service. Customer service says go to bank or do online. Online says your communication for URN number (number needed to confirm payee) will be updated in 24 hours. 24 hours later nothing works. 2 years in to it…I’m still looking for the ability to add payees on demand. 

    I have a gazillion other super frustrating examples. Can’t even begin to outline all. That’s why I am closing and found this post trying to figure out which bank to take my business to. And hopefully I will be ICICI Bank free in a few days, and I’m filling to forego whatever interest I lose :(

  • Aaronoid

    I do have same experience with ICICI. I think they have lots of customers because of that they don’t really care about new customers. 

  • KK

    I think you are ICICI promoter. all these reviews are true … 

  • Kiraar

    I have not had such a positive experience with Citi NRI. I have had to make multiple calls just to get a debit card, a pin number, and internet banking information to the right address in the U.S. after I opened a new NRI account with them in the Delhi branch. Its been 5 months since then and I am still struggling to call them to activate my debit card following which I have to activate my online banking account, somewhere in between, manage to get my email address spelling my name wrongly, corrected so that I can actually receive the sign up information. I dont know when and how everything will be straightened out and when I can actually use my Citi NRI account as smoothly as I use all my U.S bank accounts. Also, worth mentioning, whenever I call Citi NRI and ask for information about my account or card status, they tell me to call again after 2 hours because -first they say they are undergoing technical maintenance and will only be able to pull up my information after a couple of hours, then when I clarify further it is revealed that they are not available right now to sit through with me and check the status of pin and internet banking password that should have reached me about a month ago. I am not an egoist customer but I have had to follow up multiple times calling in again and again at the times THEY are available and can help me and not undergoing “technical maintenance”. Its quite annoying considering this isnt India and you really dont have so much free time sitting around and calling back banks internationally to get your very simple work done. I am throughly disappointed in CitiNri and waiting desperately for this mess to straighten out, coz I have so much to do in terms of transferring money and tracking budget if only I can get past all these hurdles..

  • Kiraar

     unbelievably ridiculous…

  • Kiraar

     trust me srinivas, US citiNRI is totally no good either. they refuse to help you if it has anything remotely related to the citi guys in India. they just dont want to get involved in a mess and try to straighten things out with harried consumers.

  • Nodekvm

    Only few people are lucky with these private banks. Basically each of them have serious problems to give to customers. They eye every chance to loot your money. You can not be a detective every time scrutinizing each and every details. Sometimes your job or business just do not allow that much time either ! These private bank people mis-utilize this very factor. More serious problem occurs when someone is personally behind you out of any sort of vested interests. It could be mere jealousy due to the amount in account, sex, known acquaintances, blah blah … Only god knows the details ! I know many ICICI credit card cheating by ICICI itself ! Then CITI _Bank is one of the biggest looters and fisherman. I remember one IDBI NRI account holder who was so harassed that he decided to move the housing loan to SBI. Ok , all in all its better to be a SBI customer as after lots of research everyone comes to this conclusion. Ofcourse it does have some different drawbacks we are all aware but such personal attacks can not happen due to fear of punishment being associated with such a huge org. The reasons is simple “being a govrmt style servant they hardly care much …”

    Having said about SBI , we can keep the bad factors under control by supporting anti corruption movements as much as possible. We may think it doesnt effect NRIs but end of the day we are the greatest sufferers since we are midway ! Being cheated by our relatives backhome and also struggling for a fairshare abroad !

    We NRIs need to unite , have some sort of unhinering , uninterruprint organization or union , hire our own lawyers and India based agencies which should be a non profit org to keep the expenses of services to a minimum. Does any one agree or aware ?

  • Deepak_barua06532

    Guys is there a special law for NRIs to get their rights on land back in India. I had myself purchased some plots and now the real estate developers know of my absence from India so not giving me the possession. Even the registration is not over but I have paid almost half of the total quoted price. Now they are not even listening to phone calls or replying on emails . I wrote to Prime minister of India website, state government websites email addresses but out of approximately over 500 emails, i have got 0 responses !

    I am sure this things might have happened with many people so does anyone has clues on our fighting rights as NRIs 

    The Govt of India is only interested in receiving more and more funds and remittances but never actually helps NRIs. Perhaps we are the greatest source of corruption income for the corupt politicians in India

  • Anil

    ICICI sucks in every aspect. CITI is much better in terms processes and their online systems  etc. CITI used to be a rouge bank few years earlier using our personal data and sending unsolicited credit cards ans charging  annual fees with out our permission. Since past 5 years i did not have any problems. i may open my NRI account with them.

  • Sham

     I completely agree, they have such ridiculous procedures. I have been working so hard for the last 6 weeks to get my account setup correctly and now they are telling me to bring this and that document to our branch. I mean why could you not ask me for that when I was in India? You want me to send you those from here in the US? And this is after providing them with all the documents they asked for in India.
     Last week when everything seemed like it was resolved I get an email from them saying your request have been denied, come to our branch to solve this. #$%#* I am giving up on them. Might give citi a try.


    superb article..I have also been harassed by the wrong policies of ICICI. I was moving to Oz and i had to close my RD with ICICI. The Vasant vihar Thane branch said it would take a week to get the draft from the Goregaon branch after closure of my RD. Ridiculous wait to get my money.

  • Savingfunda

    One more difference between NRE and NRO account is that you can deposit INR into NRO account but not on NRE, which makes NRO better option for keeping rental income.

  • Rahul Tu

    Awesome,guarav!!…This article helped me understand step by step of the things that may come!!

  • FC

    Thanks for writing your experience. I have a HDFC NRO account and I must say that I had very frustrating experience trying to get a new temporary IPIN after my attempt to login with a forgotten password. They do not have a feature to send a temporary password for reset via e-mail. They send it via  text service or via phone which requires additional forms to be filled out for which you have to pay to get the form. They sent me a temporary password via mail which had carbonized printing which was not legible either. I tried to login with the temporary password and I could not make out the poorly printed letters such as G, Q, D O, V U etc. As a result my password has been disabled again after a few attempts. I am still waiting for them to send me another temporary PIN. All this just to check my balance. I am looking to find a new bank for my NRO banking needs. 

  • Kiran

    he Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has slapped penalties of Rs 55 lakh on ING Vysya Bank , a private sector lender based in Bangalore and Rs 30 lakh on ICICI Bank,   the second largest  lender in terms of loan book, for violating Know Your Customer (KYC) norms.

    “The penalties have been imposed on these banks for contravention of various directions and instructions issued by the RBI on KYC norms/anti-money laundering (AML) standards/combating of financing of terrorism (CFT) / prevention of money laundering act, 2002,” the regulator said in a release on Wednesday.

    The violation of directions was observed on failure to obtain adequate documents for opening accounts, failure to carry out sufficient customer identification procedures, failure to examine control structure of entities, failure to ascertain the identification of natural persons behind entities, failure to carry out effective enhanced due diligence, failure to carry out appropriate risk categorisation and delay in filing the suspicious transaction reports.

    Earlier, the regulator had issued show case notices to those banks. Later, the lenders had submitted their written replies.

    “On a careful examination of the banks’ written replies and the oral submissions made during the personal hearings, the RBI found that the violations were established and the penalties were accordingly imposed,” the central bank said.

  • Younus

    i totally agree, citi nri services have been great for me in uae, from last 6 years i had no complaints, i never visited any citibank  branch up till now,  although i have not had any experience with icici,

  • Anjay

    My HDFC experience is titally frustrating. I also heard CITI bank understands customer needs very well
    and operations are quicker.

  • Madangupta305

    I wanted to open a Citibank account, I was harassed and tortured by one Mr. Keyur Parikh California. I was forced to supply notarized copies of Passport, my driving license, my bank statement. When I supplied those then I was asked to supply original of my ID. When contacted its CEO Mr. Niraj Mandpe, he gave me a wrong contact phone number, which is not in service.DESPITE MY REPEATED REQUESTS I, HAVE NOT BEEN SUPPLIED THE WRITTEN INSTRUCTIONS ABOUT DOCUMENTS, REQUIRED TO OPEN AN ACCOUNT. THE DICTATOR AND OWNER OF CITIBANK KEYER PARIKH CREATED HIS OWN LIST OF DOCUMENTS. I contacted Mumbai office Mr. Naved, Chennai office Mr. Lancy Peris all are big liars.

    In India the businessmen has to beg the bank staff for a transaction, Citibank wants the same thing from its NRI customers. If a NRI goes to an American bank he is treated with great respect, honor and dignity. It took CITIBANK more than 15 days to finally accept my papers. I am a senior citizen 76+. when I ask the phone number of senior staff, I was told that somebody will call. I want that my whole conversation during 15 days be heard from tape and all the persons responsible must be FIRED. If I am wrong any punishment the bank suggests, I will welcome.

    I can suggest that CITIBANk’s normal branches other than NRI services must accepts NRI deposits. This will help Citibank cut its expenses and the service will be readily available. Now most of the NRI’s speak English, otherwise an interpreter can be arranged on phone with appointment.


    Madan Lal Gupta

  • Ansh Narula

    Get OCI / PIO, puts you back in that status. Also that builder might just not be interested in completing that project.

  • Raj

    I had very bad experience with Citi bank. Been their NRI customer for over 10 years and had some FDs, but was not paying much attention to the details until one day relised my account balance in NRE saving is below the minimum required. Surprised and shocked when I realised it is only because of the hidden fees charged by the bank initially and when minimum balance is reached Rs500 was charged every month without and intimation. Closed the account right away and switched to SBI. SBI service is pathetic at best, but happy that atleast my money is still in the account.

  • Videsipari

    Omg! Can’t believe it…they have such lame policies and procedures

  • Vivek

    I think it’s the water or something. Somehow, in India, even employees of reputed international firms don’t seem to possess an ounce of commonsense.