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Congratulations Automattic!

Automattic, WordPress’ parent company raised Series B round of funding of $29.5M! A company with hardly any revenue and undefined business model got a whooping 29.5M. Is is bubble 2.0 yet? (BTW I really loved Richter Scale’s performance at Crunchies.) I don’t think so.

Automattic is not making much money because they choose not to. They can run ads and make some quick bucks, but they are not doing it. Why do they need 30M then? OM Malik mentions about a social network on That might be possible and one of the things they might be working on. However, I think power lies in Akismet. It saved me and others off millions of spammy comments. They can take it out of comments (hint: email) and serve enterprise as well as SMEs. I would like to see what they do with this money in coming months.

Congratulations again!

Automatically update your friend list

Here is a tut for people who want to update their friend list as their friends update the blogs.

This tutorial is only for the people who use WP. This doesn’t mean that your friends have to use WP in order to update your friend list. I had searched a lot about it and have gone thru WP forums, found bits n peices and combined them. I have been using it since a few weeks now.

Most of the blogs ping all or some of these sites. is a site which is devoted to ping all the sites which keep track of the blogs. So u have to ping only one site (i.e. pingomatic) and it pings to other sites.

You can either ping to pingomatic manually by logging onto or u can use wordpress’ feature to ping pingomatic automatically when u post. It is a default in WP, but if you want to check if you are pinging or not or if you don’t ping and want to ping then…

Go to ur Admin Control Panel > Options > Writing

Look for “update services” and enter in the text box. You can also add other sites to ping if you want, but then your post will take long time to publish/save (coz it ‘ll ping all the sites)

Letting world know that you have updated your blog was easy. Now the question is how can we make our list such that it updates the blogs by itself?
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Moody Plugin updated

I downloaded Moody Plugin for wordpress a few days back. I needed it as I was missing lj. It was almost what I needed, but it showed a broken image if the mood’s image wasn’t present in the moods directory. The plugin works great for wp/computer literate users, but not for those who don’t know much about how things work at the backend. I am working on a site where I will have a lot of authors who are not computer savvy. So I hacked the plugin little bit and came up with a version which shows text for the mood when the image is not available.

Download the plugin file here. Change the file name from Moody.phps to Moody.php and follow the other directions available at the creator’s site. This post is a demo in itself. is also powered by Authimage Hack which is coded by the same author.