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Why can’t Vista be consistent?

We have an internal server based uploader that handles uploading of Zip files. The app checks for the type of the file uploaded and then decides what to do with it.

When that app was initially tested, I found a strange bug where ‘certain’ zip files from Vista were failing to upload. I later found out that a regular zip file (read as in XP or Winzip) has a type ‘application/zip’. But the zip files created on Vista (by ‘sending’ them to compressed folder) had the type ‘application/x-zip-compressed’. Why? I wondered, but was happy to resolve the bug.

I started having the same problem on Vista again since day before yesterday. XP uploads are fine. It occurred to me that it might be a similar problem. I checked the file type and indeed that was the problem. Now, Vista’s compressed folders have type ‘application/binary’. WTH? I tried zipping up the files on XP and then copying it over to Vista and got the same result. I then tried to upload the file from XP over the network (shared folder) and again got the exact same result. I believe, Vista (or even other OSes) copy file locally from the shared network and then send it for upload. Finally tried to upload the file using XP….and it worked.

I updated my Vista box a couple of days ago with the regular updates from MSFT, I think that’s what caused the change in the type. Now, I need to find if zipping the files with 7-zip has the same effect as ‘compressed folders’.

I wonder who and why that change was authorized/implemented?

Update: Seems like after a few updates it is fixed now. May be was a bug. bug

Bug on

Found this on after a couple of minutes of browsing. I wasn’t looking for something like this. I imported and then deleted bunch of contacts. The parameter count, which had the number of people I deleted looked out of the place. In most secure applications it is handled on the server side instead of passing it as a GET parameter and then reading it. Even if it is passed as a GET param due to app limitations, server side processing is done to the GET text to make sure it is what it should be. In this case it should be checked if it is an INTEGER, if not then don’t display it.

Browse Rank by Microsoft

“The more visits of the page made by the users and the longer time periods spent by the users on the page, the more likely the page is important. We can leverage hundreds of millions of users’ implicit voting on page importance.”
via CNet

Does this mean Youtube, Netflix, Hulu and most of the online gaming sites will have high Browse Rank?

Gmail invite copy needs updating

I got an invite to join Gmail on one of my non-gmail account. They are still pitching “Over 2,700 MB of free storage”. Last I checked, my gmail footer was showing a number almost close to 7GB.

Seems like some marketing person forgot to update this with ‘unlimited storage’ message.

If you haven’t already heard about Gmail, it’s a new search-based webmail
service that offers:
– Over 2,700 megabytes (two gigabytes) of free storage
– Built-in Google search that instantly finds any message you want
– Automatic arrangement of messages and related replies into
– Powerful spam protection using innovative Google technology
– No large, annoying ads–just small text ads and related pages that are
relevant to the content of your messages

Google Affiliate Network

Just got an email from Adsense team that they are retiring AdSense Referrals. They will be replaced with Google Affiliate Network. This is a big blow to CJs of the world. Google’s affiliate network hasn’t been skinned/domained in Google way. Performics is hosted on (an ugly looking UI). This is evident how fast Goog wanted the product to be out for its Adwords and Adsense customers.

Adsense Referrals didn’t perform that well for our site, but that could be because “International Entertainment” hardly has any highly targeted advertisers. Hoping that GAN has a much bigger advertiser base.

Here is the email sent by Adsense team.

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Congratulations Automattic!

Automattic, WordPress’ parent company raised Series B round of funding of $29.5M! A company with hardly any revenue and undefined business model got a whooping 29.5M. Is is bubble 2.0 yet? (BTW I really loved Richter Scale’s performance at Crunchies.) I don’t think so.

Automattic is not making much money because they choose not to. They can run ads and make some quick bucks, but they are not doing it. Why do they need 30M then? OM Malik mentions about a social network on That might be possible and one of the things they might be working on. However, I think power lies in Akismet. It saved me and others off millions of spammy comments. They can take it out of comments (hint: email) and serve enterprise as well as SMEs. I would like to see what they do with this money in coming months.

Congratulations again!