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New Google Analytics

Just got access to latest version of Google Analytics for RightBuy. It looks great, here are things that I like. You may not be able to experience the screenshots as I do, because I have selected the date ranges that don’t have any data on purpose.


I must say it is blazing fast as compared to current Google Analytics. Looks like they re-did whole infrastructure for it to usa AJAX just like Gmail. Existing Google Analytics took really long for pages to load and reports to generate.

Google Analytics Mysite

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New Dashboard

They have widgetized the new Dashboard, more like iGoogle. They have also added ability to add more dashboards.

Google Analytics Dashboard

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New Menus

I also like the way Google Analytics changed their top and right sidebar menus. They made the labels non-metrics-geeks friendly and has better categorization. I also like that they took out “Intelligence” out of the menu and made it a separate tab. My guess is we’ll see a lot more of the “Intelligence” like features which will help automating the marketing reports and other alerts.

Google Analytics Menu

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Google Analytics Menu

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Motion Charts

I love current GA’s motion charts, but they had them hidden in Google Analytics. That has changed, Motion Charts is now a type of graph that you can choose for some reports!

Google Analytics Motion Charts

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What did BigAdda do to get delisted?

Not sure, if anyone noticed – Google has pretty much bombed It has only ~4K pages indexed by Google (Yahoo has ~160K). BigB’s blog is not even in Google’s index anymore.

Not sure if it is an error on Google’s side or an error on BigAdda’s side (like misconfigured robots.txt – They don’t have one actually). Surprisingly, there is no page rank info available for as well.

Alexa has been messed up since a few days, but Quantcast shows a huge drop in US traffic, which most likely could be because of the delisting.

Bollywood Mantra also saw a drop of 1/3 of the total pages indexed by Google for a last couple of weeks, but that did not affect any traffic and the number is constant since then. The drop of Bollywood Mantra’s index seems to be part of change in Big G’s algorithm change.

If you have any information about BigAdda or have any conspiracy theories please do share in comments!

Gmail invite copy needs updating

I got an invite to join Gmail on one of my non-gmail account. They are still pitching “Over 2,700 MB of free storage”. Last I checked, my gmail footer was showing a number almost close to 7GB.

Seems like some marketing person forgot to update this with ‘unlimited storage’ message.

If you haven’t already heard about Gmail, it’s a new search-based webmail
service that offers:
– Over 2,700 megabytes (two gigabytes) of free storage
– Built-in Google search that instantly finds any message you want
– Automatic arrangement of messages and related replies into
– Powerful spam protection using innovative Google technology
– No large, annoying ads–just small text ads and related pages that are
relevant to the content of your messages

Google Affiliate Network

Just got an email from Adsense team that they are retiring AdSense Referrals. They will be replaced with Google Affiliate Network. This is a big blow to CJs of the world. Google’s affiliate network hasn’t been skinned/domained in Google way. Performics is hosted on (an ugly looking UI). This is evident how fast Goog wanted the product to be out for its Adwords and Adsense customers.

Adsense Referrals didn’t perform that well for our site, but that could be because “International Entertainment” hardly has any highly targeted advertisers. Hoping that GAN has a much bigger advertiser base.

Here is the email sent by Adsense team.

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