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Proof read your Press Releases

Here is a tip to the companies which send Press Releases – Please get you Press Release proof read by more than 2-3 people.

We recently got a Press Release for a entertainment hub in India, sent by a PR company. One of the lines in the release made me read it again.

“If you haven’t gone out for long with the family or folks to freak out …”

It seems like they want to say – If you haven’t chilled out with family and friends recently, then visit us. But what the sentence conveys is that they are a freak house and invite you to be part of it. Humorous, but not that great for the company. They don’t realize that this release will be published at 100s of web pages. One might think this as a very small error (one line out of probably 150). However, this can turn into something big. It not just hurts your brand when someone reads something like this, but also can add a viral effect to a negative publicity if someone forwards something like this to a email chain.

Macworld won’t let me eat

Macworld 2007 is being held at The Moscone Center, which is a block away from my work. Yesterday I was forced to have my lunch at 1:45, because the nearby Subway was filled with bunch of MacWorld atendees. Today I went to Chaat Cafe for lunch. It was busy, a bit more than usual. I ordered my fav Paneer Wrap, but guess what? They didn’t have any Paneer dishes today. Seems like Macworld attendees took them all. For the next two days I’ll go to a place away from The Moscone Center for lunch.

PS: iPhone is awsome!

My CV has been Shortlisted

I created an account at coz I wanted to send my resume to Yahoo – India and also wanted to put my resume on the site.

I didn’t read their TOS (not even sure if they had one). Yesterday I got an email from saying that “While finds you the job of your dreams, will search for your dream partner” blah blah. They sold my email address to them :|.

Generally I am critical about the TOS but this time I don’t even remmember if I accepted something which shares my email address with their partner companies :|. I feel cheated.

If this was not it, Continue reading

CSU – Ebay

No, my university hasn’t forged any alliance with the giant, but it has changed its name to

California State University, East Bay

from California State University, Hayward.

A lot of students (& perhaps teachers) opposed it, but still they changed it. A lot of sites have posted articles about it.

According to the board members, the university has campuses all over the east bay so the name East Bay is appropriate. But students claim that even UC Berkeley has its campuses in the East Bay, they are still called UCB.

I personally don’t like the name CSU – East Bay. It seems like a community college or something. Actually this name change would help the univ. to get more funds coz it represents a large area. I don’t understand that on one side the officials say that there are budget cuts and they don’t have money and on the other hand they will now waste millions on the name change like stationary, Letterpads, logos, etc…. This reminds me that I should buy the alumni stuff right now coz it says CSUH 😉 .

Its unfortunate that I’ll get a CSU – East Bay degree ….. perhaps not, I need to check with the admin. coz the name change has been approved today, it might take a long time for them to fully change it. Moreover I got addmitted to CSUH and not CSUEB. I think they will give CSUH degrees to people who are already studying and the new degrees to students who will join the univ in future. I’ll post a clarification on that as soon as I find out about it.

On a lighter note…. US economy is indeed getting better. There are a lot of jobs right now, esp. hi-tec ones. Continue reading

Oakland Hot Zone

I didn’t know about OHZ till day before yesterday. Its really cool that something like this is so near to my workplace. I’ll certainly try it whenever I get a chance.

I think Wi-Fi has a bright future. What I see now is that whole world wified in coming years, may be 2030? (by that time Indian population = 150 crore.) Acc. to me the WiFi spots will be either available everywhere with low charges or no charges at all. They will be provided free if the governments take initiative and set them up (ofcourse they’ll charge tax for that.)

The other alternate can be that the companies setup Wifi hotspots (just like they have cells for mobiles) and then charge a fee for that. The fee would be minimal as the technology will get cheaper. The Wifi I am talking here is not the present day 802.11(WiFi) or 802.16 (MAN – Metropolitain Area Networks) but it will be beyond present day network ranges and data rates.

4G is an interesting thing to read about, here is a paper that I wrote on it for one of my classes. Don’t Plagarize, add me as a source if u r riting a paper…. I just put the paper for the benifit of those people (like me) who like to work at the last moment and then need something readymade :P. I got 90/100 on it.

WiFi rules!!! so does Bluetooth and 4G!!

The Love of Money is the root of all Evil

Friday, December the 10th was a partly cloudy day. Being Friday, it was the most enjoyable day at the work. I had my lunch at about 12 – 12:30. As soon as I started work after my lunch, I saw this customer of ours who used to come at the store every once in a while. She was a “white” lady (very fair) and a bit obese in her late 20s or early 30s. The strange thing about her was that she always wore black clothes, which were distinctive due to her skin color. I never saw her wearing anything except black and once in summers, when everybody was wearing T-shirts, she had leather gloves on her hands. She came to the store a few weeks (months?) ago, the day when Reagan died. She said that she was very happy as Reagan died.

I saw that she was making photocopies of something. Soon, she was done making copies and was waiting at the counter to be charged for them. I approached and asked her the usual question.

How many copies?


Ok and I rang it up on the cash register.

She took out some change and started counting it. She was short off 50 cents. If something like this happens, then we just tell the person to pay the balance later whenever they are around if the balance is not too much (a dollar or 2). Moreover she used to visit the store, so I told her that she can pay later.
She was feeling bad about it and started thinking about it. She had a black bag, which had 2-3 papers in it. She pulled those out and told me that we can have that bag. I felt strange as none of our coustomer has had done that before. If someone feels really bad about not paying then they either go back and get the money instantaneously or leave the copies with us to pick them up when they bring the money.

I told her that, its ok, its just 50 cents and you can pay later, but she said I won’t come here again and anyways I don’t have any use for this bag now. I kept on insisting that she can take the bag as it was just 50 cents but she quietly kept the bag on the counter and walked outside. I felt bit strange about it but then didn’t do anything as she had left.

About 30 – 45 minutes later, we noticed that some people outside were looking up. I thought it must be a fire, but didn’t care much as just 2-3 people were looking. But after a few minutes more people started looking and even the cars passing by slowed down and looked at the same direction. As an inquisitive soul, I went outside and tried to look up. All the people were looking at a building (Oakland Tribune), which is a few meters away. I too looked…but couldn’t find anything unusual. Meanwhile, I heard some women screaming “no, please no!!”

“Is someone trying to jump?” was the first thought came to my mind. I looked again at all the windows….but again didn’t find anything extraordinary. Suddenly my eye level went little bit up to the roof of the building and I was shocked to see Continue reading

Resume Submission?

I submitted my resume to a few companies about 3-4 months ago for internship but got no response as I was late in sending the resumes.

But now suddenly I have started receiving emails saying that my resume has been received and they ‘ll contact me if my qualifications meet the job req…..huh?

On 6th I got an email @ my gmail add (from which i sent those internship mails) from a company stratustech based in NJ. I checked my archives and found that I never emailed a company called Stratustech….creepy

And today I got an email from NTTMCL which is based in Palo ALto, CA at my yahoo email add, which I never used for sending out any email to a company…

….Its a pleasent surprise :) . neways I was thinking that it is time for me to start job hunting as my grad is approaching. The market is bad (atleast thats wot I hear)…so I have this unknown fear….if i’ll ever get a job or not :p. If someone has tips/personal experiences on “How to get a job in X days” then please let me know. I would be posting my resume as soon as I am done with all the exams and stuff.

I researched a bit on How to get a job and surprisingly found that the online websites for jobs (such as monster…etc), Newspaper Ads, Jobs thru Campus constitute of a low % of getting a job. The factor that helps people getting most of the jobs is contacts….yes even in USA too. I read somewhere that about 60-65% of the people get their jobs thru personal contacts or a reference.

I am still wondering as to what will be my field of job? Since I am majoring in Computer Science (Networking option) I can try for a Network Admin @ entry level. I am not that bad at programming either so I might also lookup to b a programmer (initially only :P). I have heard about consultancy (but not sure if everything is true) that its really a fun to do job. You get different projects and have to travel (which I love to) to various parts of the US and thus work under different people atleast u don’t c the same boss for a long time, moreover it gives a chance to crib about more people every now and then :).

Back to present –> Gotto study for the test which is at 6:00 pm PST (5 hours later).

Ohhh BTW I have been checking my yahoo mail everyday but today I noticed that it has been upgraded to 250 megs from 100 megs… I have no clue as to when it hapened :P.