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Bend It Like Beckham

As I mentioned before that watched Bend It Like Beckham, so I had to write a movie response on it for the class. I am assuming that you have already watched the movie and If you haven’t watched it yet, then you should watch it. Continue reading

7 weeks to go

Post Start: Thr, 21st Apr. 2005 – 6:21:06 pm

It has been long time since I actually blogged. Fwds isn’t truly blog. 7 weeks to go. I am taking classes on Tuesdays n Thursdays. So had Asian American Family class @ 10:00. Reached class @ 10: 07 (earlier than last time). The dept. co-ordinator had already setup the projector and had played the movie. After few minutes, I was settled and started watching Bend It Like Beckham for the nth time. Once again enjoyed the movie as I did it at previous occasions. The only difference was that I was watching it in a class. Now have to write a review on it: due – 04/26/05.

7 weeks to go. Them was this darn comp class from 12 – 2. It has an assignment due – 04/24/05 (yes, I know its a sunday – e-assignment). As soon as I got off the class, started working on that assignment. Its rare for me to work on an easy assignment right away. In normal circumstances I’d have statrted it sometime on sat or sun. But I started right away coz I had the values and the method to do it in my RAM and I can’t afford to lose all the info with a sys crash.

7 weeks to go. Continue reading

long time no see

In my 8th – 9th geography classes, I learnt about Dead and Alive volcanoes and also about sleeping volcanoes. Similarly, my blog isn’t a dead blog, but its in sleep mode for now.

My exams are on my head (translate it to hindi) actually they have started and fortunately will be ending soon in 2-3 days. Its not that I study so hard that I don’t get any time etc. Its just that I was busy, not physically but mentally and guess how did I visit my blog today?
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I slept a lot today. Slept about 2:00 last night and woke up around 11:30 in the morning. I had a bit of headache so slept at about 1:30 – 2 to wake up again at 5:30 ish.

Now my eyes are wide open and it is hard for me to sleep, but I guess I’ll sleep by 1 coz I have to goto college tomorrow.

I just finished writing a script. I needed a utility for image manipulation for my site. Took me about an hour to get it to work exactly as I wanted. Its nothing special, just a script that reads a particular dir, looks for image files (basically jpeg’s), puts a watermark on them and then saves the new image. I googled and found a few watermark scripts, but all of them showed watermark for the viewer, which meas that the original image was not changed, but a copy of it is displayed to the user with the watermark. A lot of online photo galleries use this for image protection/advertisment but the original images can still be extracted as generally the original image’s path/name is passed thru the URL + it creates problems for the server. So, I think the best way is to embed the watermark on the image itself. If I get some time, then I would add this function to coppermine gallery’s image upload file. So, when an image is uploaded, it automatically gets watermarked. May be they already implemented this in some gallery.

I might have a good news from my Unversity Advisement Center. Continue reading

Curse of the Hayward

I was supposed to put this up on thr. night or fri. but couldn’t so here it is.

Late wednsday the University got its new name. I had an appointment with a car garage (for the estimate for repairs of the damages to my car in the accident). So, I knew I would miss my first class. I went late and found that one of major signal lights in Hayward was non-functional, it was in convinient as everyboy had to stop and the crossing is a weird panchraha.

Anyways, on reaching the campus, I saw a guy going to the other direction (opposite to where the classes are held) and he was in my next class….The thought that the class got canceled was pleasing. Then I saw another non-functional signal light and was wondering what is wrong with all these lights.

After I parked my car, I came across a friend of mine. He told me that there is no power on the campus and a lot of classes have been canceled. I looked in couple of buildings, they had power but it was from generator and only the essential lights were on (corridors). Computer Labs, Food places, Book Store were all closed as their cash registers won’t work wthout electricity.

I decided that I would leave, but then came across another friend and we started cribbing the whole CSU Ebay stuff and started talking misc. stuff. Everybody was co-relating this power outage with the name change and how the city of Hayward has cursed the univ :p. Some people said that its a problem at City of Hayward while others believed that someone blew up the transformer, down the hill, to protest. There were a lot of other rumors, but I still don’t know what exactly caused that power failure (I didn’t even try finding the reason.)

Soon after, power was restored and all the classes after that went smooth.

When, I had free time, I went to the Book Store to checkout if they have put the CSUH stuff on “sale” (Suneel, gave me that idea.), but I saw
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CSU – Ebay

No, my university hasn’t forged any alliance with the giant, but it has changed its name to

California State University, East Bay

from California State University, Hayward.

A lot of students (& perhaps teachers) opposed it, but still they changed it. A lot of sites have posted articles about it.

According to the board members, the university has campuses all over the east bay so the name East Bay is appropriate. But students claim that even UC Berkeley has its campuses in the East Bay, they are still called UCB.

I personally don’t like the name CSU – East Bay. It seems like a community college or something. Actually this name change would help the univ. to get more funds coz it represents a large area. I don’t understand that on one side the officials say that there are budget cuts and they don’t have money and on the other hand they will now waste millions on the name change like stationary, Letterpads, logos, etc…. This reminds me that I should buy the alumni stuff right now coz it says CSUH ๐Ÿ˜‰ .

Its unfortunate that I’ll get a CSU – East Bay degree ….. perhaps not, I need to check with the admin. coz the name change has been approved today, it might take a long time for them to fully change it. Moreover I got addmitted to CSUH and not CSUEB. I think they will give CSUH degrees to people who are already studying and the new degrees to students who will join the univ in future. I’ll post a clarification on that as soon as I find out about it.

On a lighter note…. US economy is indeed getting better. There are a lot of jobs right now, esp. hi-tec ones. Continue reading


270 lines in 4 hours in a span of 2 days, isn’t bad!

Its kinda warm up project. Actually the second project is easier than this :|. At first, the professor wanted us to develop it fully, like add passangers to each flight n delete them etc. but I guess some ppl thought it was tough ๐Ÿ˜ so now most prolly we’ll be doin the same thing as proj 1, but using templates….It won’t even take 4 hours that time I guess.

Anyways apna kya jaata hai, jab tak number mil rahe hain.

Watched Musafir, last weekend, I wanna blog about it, but dunn wanna write a hasty review, but a detailed. Hopefully I get time this weekend.

One of my collegemates (from India) got addmission here in US @ N.Y.I.T. n he’ll be pursuing his masters in C.S. He was complaining about the cold weather @ NY n told me that it was -10 (I believe degree celcius) today in N.Y. and it snowed all day. Here in cali it was a warm sunny day in most parts of Bay Area. I was wearing a sweat shirt, and was feeling hot in it. I have never seen snow in my whole life, so far.

Since the post had code in the begining so here is some more code, but its different from that code. Continue reading


Am I prone to accidents? In my last post, I wrote about that spam accident and today I met with a real life accident. It happened in the morning at 9:55. I was driving on campus and then suddenly a green car (Saturn I believe) came right infront of me. I applied brakes. Although I was driving at 25 mph but the car was so close that by the time my car could stop, it dashed into the green car. You canย check over here for reliable car rentals at affordable rates. I could see the dent on that car’s right rear door. The girl drove the car to the parking and I as well.I had to take the help ofย Vukelja & dePaula car accident attorneys to solve all the legal matters related to the accident.

She was nervous and asked me in a shivering voice, “are you ok?” “Yeah, I am fine.” I was nervous too as something like this never happened to me before, but I was smiling. I don’t know but I think I have same issues like Boman Irani in Munna Bhai MBBS. I don’t laugh like him but start smiling. My face doesn’t show tension unless its a real big thing. Anyways we exchanged the reqd. info. She asked me to talk to her bf who was on cellphone. He asked me if I was ok n if she was ok. I told him that shes ok, but nervous. You can click to find out more info on getting the necessary legal help needed.ย ย You can also contact an experienced attorney who deals with a truck accident case in Augusta and claim compensation for the injury and damages caused.

I didn’t have too much dmages as I was driving at a nominal speed. My car’s front number plate broke and was lying on the road. Some guy picked it and handed it to me. He also told me that he was sorry that I had to start my day like that. My car also got a few scratches and a smaal dent on the bumper. The girl’s insurance company called me about the incident, but I never got a chance to return the call and now they would be closed, so I’ll call tomorrow. You canย learn more about lawyers here when you need to hire someone for legal help.

After that I parked my car at another parking and left for the class. When I returned from the class, (had another one after 10 minz.) I noticed that my parking permit for the univ was missing. It used to hang by the rear view mirror. I found it lying on the ground and put it back up. Thank god no one came for checking the cars and parking permits or I would have had got a parking ticket too :p.

Here are the pics of the car and a special paper on which I drew what exactly happened.

Please note that am not gonna put any forward with this post, but the next one(coming soon).

Applied for the graduation

Lately I only get time @ weekends when I write 2-3 posts at one time. I think I might start writing advanced posts, i.e. i’ll write the articles on weekends but they’ll publish after 2-3 days. But on the other hand, blogging is about the feelis of Da Moment, so I might not do so.

Life has been going chaotic since 3rd Jan. Not necessarily in a bad way, but had been busy. Winter qtr. started on Monday, there were some issues with the course reg. site, so I had to goto their office n do blah blah. I am taking 28 units this qtr. (dat is 7 classes), for those who have exp. qtr sys. would know how much work load is that :|. But I just wanna get rid of studies. In order to get rid of studies, I filed for my graduation in Spring 2k5 today. There are too many code req. :(( Some of the courses am taking this qtr. r Anthropolgy ๐Ÿ˜ , Philosophy (Critical Thinking) ๐Ÿ˜ , Art ๐Ÿ˜ (as in drawing), Women Studies ๐Ÿ˜ (no, they don’t teach how to study women), International Studies – it kinda seems like interesting, it is about Globalization – we have to study both, for and against opinions. (did u notice “kinda seems like”?) We will also discuss about WTO n etc also we have 2 write a paper on a subtopic @ Globalization – I can choose the globalization n its cultural effects (a.k.a MMS kand) As far as I remmember, I last studied drawing in 8th class? Hopefully I’ll graduate by spring (jaan chutegi).

Some random stuff:

Watched Aish on 60 Minutes and here r my views –

{Anti Aish Mode}
….& she was faking that accent, didn’t even answer any question properly & yeah, “I’m real” was…..errrrrr…simply dumb
{/Anti Aish Mode}

{Fragment of Imagination}
How someone told her one fine sunny day – Ohhhhhhhhh Aishwarya, you are so real, aaaawwww.
{/Fragment of Imagination}

Was it sallu, when she was yelling at him?

{To be Noted}
But she is the one who got featured along with the Google Billionare and also got searched so many times @ Yahoo and had her pic @ Yahoo’s homepage.

Updated: Aish is also @ Zeitgeist.
{/To be Noted}

One thing good she said was that a person’s independence is independent of the fact that he lives with his/her parents or not – ofcourse she didn’t use these cool words, they r my creation, but she said something on these lines.

There are a lot of random stuff, which I can’t squeeze in this post, so I’ll just put them up here so that I can write a post on each whenever I get time

– Tsunami Aid {Indonesia} politix
– California Garib.
– Indian police wale and technology (article was /.ed)

For now….here is a fwd. sent by Param, one of my friends. Its not funny but interesting and some inspiration to Aaina

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Oakland Hot Zone

I didn’t know about OHZ till day before yesterday. Its really cool that something like this is so near to my workplace. I’ll certainly try it whenever I get a chance.

I think Wi-Fi has a bright future. What I see now is that whole world wified in coming years, may be 2030? (by that time Indian population = 150 crore.) Acc. to me the WiFi spots will be either available everywhere with low charges or no charges at all. They will be provided free if the governments take initiative and set them up (ofcourse they’ll charge tax for that.)

The other alternate can be that the companies setup Wifi hotspots (just like they have cells for mobiles) and then charge a fee for that. The fee would be minimal as the technology will get cheaper. The Wifi I am talking here is not the present day 802.11(WiFi) or 802.16 (MAN – Metropolitain Area Networks) but it will be beyond present day network ranges and data rates.

4G is an interesting thing to read about, here is a paper that I wrote on it for one of my classes. Don’t Plagarize, add me as a source if u r riting a paper…. I just put the paper for the benifit of those people (like me) who like to work at the last moment and then need something readymade :P. I got 90/100 on it.

WiFi rules!!! so does Bluetooth and 4G!!