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Do people still watch Doordarshan?

Found this video on a friend’s Orkut profile. It is nostalgic, but it made me realize something I never thought about before. This video is 5 minutes and 48 seconds long. That is a few lakhs Rupees worth air time. I remember that the video was aired 2-3 times a day, which means a lot of missing revenues. No wonder Doordarshan isn’t profitable or has high quality programming.

Obviously I don’t know what exactly was going on in DD’s offices. May be they did not have enough advertisers and used these videos as fillers.
Update: Ashish confirmed that they still play the song.
I realized that I get Doordarshan on Direct TV. If you subscribe to Indian package on Direct, it is channel # 2025 (right after Cricket Plus)

Gaming consoles in India may actually work

I was reading about the PC Gaming on Starupdunia. I don’t really agree with the statement:

Gaming consoles and games are cost prohibitive in the Indian market.

I think they can be successful if things are done ‘Indian’ way. Consoles like Wii might actually do really well in India, where 5yr. old kid to his 70yr. old grandparents can play on the same console. They might end up playing slightly different games though. Wifi, over-the-net multiuser playing capability and cheap/free game downloads would help people to adopt these consoles.

One of the biggest issues in India is ‘PIRACY’. If a company can come up with a way to let console owners download or order free games that’ll be awesome. Making money with embedded ads should work. To make it better, if game/console can access the Internet – show real time ads, otherwise show pre-programmed Ads such as Coke banners in the Tennis game. The free-game-with-ads should work for any market.

Selling strategy where selling cheap consoles so that they can make money by selling games, may not work that well in India. I think if Wii starts selling in India (or may be they already do?) it should just around 10,000 INR., I don’t understand certain things about them. Let’s start from the top of that image, where it it says “Rs. 2500/ year”, is .in a new programming language or is .asp a new domain extension (TLD)?

Checkout the “Matrimonial” link (with the new image) on the left, well nothing wrong about it, its just a link to, which is Times group’s matrimonial website. If you look tiny bit right off that link, you see and’s Ads. Are you telling me that you make more money through and Bharatmatrimony’s affiliates? Are you telling me that you yourself don’t believe in your product and then you want me to signup for

{Distraction}I guess the time has come, when I should start a new category called Advertising.{/Distraction}

Indiatimes started a new feature a while ago, its more like a slideshow and they generally run it for subdomains or If you have come across any of those, you might have had noticed its generally related to women, not just any women, but hot n Sexy women. BTW if you noticed, the “next” link in those slideshows are really very close to the Ads and I don’t think its unintentional.

Coming back to their main page, if you see the above image, you will see the main section called “Top Headlines”, you should also be able to see a link called “Countdown: the world’s top temptresses” in bold, it seems like it is very important headline. If you were to click it, you will land up here, which is one of those slideshows.

This link is a part of their subdomain “women” (which is closely related to Femina). I thought Femina talked about how women are independent these days. It is supposedlly a magazine for women, which gives them a strength to compete in this “big bad world of men.” The Indiatimes’ Women subdomain has a caption “Inspired, Independent.” Just checkout how are they presenting the women on their website.

Indiatimes Women

This is total crap, they are selling soft-porn in the name of the media. So does, will write about it someother time.