About Gaurav

Gaurav SharmaThanks for taking time to read this “About Me” section. I have been on and off blogging on gsharma.com since 2004. The website is mix of personal opinions, encounters and other random things.

I was born and spent my life’s first 19 years in India, mostly in a city called Faridabad just south of Indian capital New Delhi. I moved to US in September 2001, right after 9/11. Studied, worked at and got inspired by Silicon Valley.

I always have a keen urge to learn and do new things. I, with my sister, started a Bollywood (everyone knows what it is, thanks Slumdog!) news portal Bollywood Mantra in 2003. It is then I realized that “if you build it, they won’t come”. We kept working on the website and this is when I came across SEO. Over the years, the project helped me learn a lot about programming, managing remote teams, hiring/firing, building communities, SEO on large scale and scalability. The site has a dedicated content team in India that runs it and we are ~15,000 on Alexa.

A few other projects that I started over the years were an eCommerce website to sell CDs and DVDs for Indian movies, a photo sharing site (reached to 4,000 on Alexa), a Digg clone focusing on Indian news, a smart RSS reader and a casual gaming website. I shutdown most of these projects, but learnt a lot from just starting them, building and even shutting them down.

I got chance to work with some amazing companies and started a consulting company that worked with startups.

These days my focus is on my current venture RightBuy.

I would love to connect with you via Twitter or you can connect with me using any of these services.

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    Hi Gaurav it is nice to know some information about you, well my name is also Gaurav and i am talking to you from New Delhi……well it is nice to meet and speak to good people like you.
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