7 weeks to go

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It has been long time since I actually blogged. Fwds isn’t truly blog. 7 weeks to go. I am taking classes on Tuesdays n Thursdays. So had Asian American Family class @ 10:00. Reached class @ 10: 07 (earlier than last time). The dept. co-ordinator had already setup the projector and had played the movie. After few minutes, I was settled and started watching Bend It Like Beckham for the nth time. Once again enjoyed the movie as I did it at previous occasions. The only difference was that I was watching it in a class. Now have to write a review on it: due – 04/26/05.

7 weeks to go. Them was this darn comp class from 12 – 2. It has an assignment due – 04/24/05 (yes, I know its a sunday – e-assignment). As soon as I got off the class, started working on that assignment. Its rare for me to work on an easy assignment right away. In normal circumstances I’d have statrted it sometime on sat or sun. But I started right away coz I had the values and the method to do it in my RAM and I can’t afford to lose all the info with a sys crash.

7 weeks to go. Went to this grad info fest, got some info and order my cap and gown. Got myself picturized. BTW I am (hopefully) graduating on 11th June – so thats where the 7 weeks come from.

Our family (extended) will be xperiencing 3 consecutive graduations this spring.

1.) Aaina graduating from her High School on 9th June.
2.) My cousin, Ankur will be graduating from his Middle school on 10th june.
3.) I’ll be graduating on 11th from CSUH/CSUEB.

Some of you might have read my previous post about my university name change from California State University, Hayward (CSUH) to California State University, East Bay (CSUEB). And the 2005 batch has an option to choose CSUH or CSUEB for their degree. I had been escaping the situation, where I had to decide the name I want. But finally today, when I was ready to be clicked, the guy asked me CSUH or CSUEB and my response was CSUH. It was funny that they had 2 backgrounds with different names written on them.

Since I got from the grad info fest, I am just doing stuff in the comp lab as I am trying to kill/utilize my time. I have my next class from 8 – 10. The class @ 8 is Distributed Systems. It is a grad level course, but I got into it coz I am substituting it for another course (had a post about it 2). I think its a great subject. We will be creating a Network File Sys and i think it should be fun. I also have to present a research paper/presentation on Load Sharing. Some facts about the class size and the students: total students in the class: 14; Indians: 11; Asians: 14.

I still have an odd hour and 15 minutes to pass. I don’t know if my ipod will keep running till then, I have been listening to songs since 5 hrs now. Last 2 last week my ipod went into comma and revived recently (day b4 yesterday). I had been listening to the songs for more than 6 hours, even when the ipod was half charged. I thought it would let me know that the battery is low etc. The bar representing the battery kept shrinking, but it never gave me any indication. I had to switch it off as my class started. When I reached home, I put it on firewire and it showed me low battery sign and died…….. I tried pushing buttons, nothing happened. I put it on the charger instead of the firewire…..it still didn’t respond. I panicked and googled “can’t turn on ipod”. Found couple of links which talked about possible scenarios. So after reading one of the ways, I tried to reset the ipod. Toggle Hold key; Press Menu and Play/Pause Key together for 5-6 seconds……nothing happened. I gave up my hopes as some of the sites complained about the ipod’s battery life etc. I checked the apple.com and it said that if something is wrong wid it and if it is under warranty, they’ll fix it. I was relieved as it shud have been under warranty, its not even 2 months old.

Aaina kept telling me to do something about it and contact them etc. But I was being a bit lazy. Then I tried to charge it again with firewire on 04/19/05 and bammm it worked…. It also worked with the power supply….. :)

I almost forgot about the new BM Radio links on my blog. I had this idea to create some easy way for bloggers and other people to syndicate BM Radio on their website, but was prolly lazy or over involved in other things. When I saw the flash music thingy @ Govind’s blog, the forgotten idea once again emerged and I created a simple javascript to add – Just one line code.

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