Monthly Archives: January 2009

What did BigAdda do to get delisted?

Not sure, if anyone noticed – Google has pretty much bombed It has only ~4K pages indexed by Google (Yahoo has ~160K). BigB’s blog is not even in Google’s index anymore.

Not sure if it is an error on Google’s side or an error on BigAdda’s side (like misconfigured robots.txt – They don’t have one actually). Surprisingly, there is no page rank info available for as well.

Alexa has been messed up since a few days, but Quantcast shows a huge drop in US traffic, which most likely could be because of the delisting.

Bollywood Mantra also saw a drop of 1/3 of the total pages indexed by Google for a last couple of weeks, but that did not affect any traffic and the number is constant since then. The drop of Bollywood Mantra’s index seems to be part of change in Big G’s algorithm change.

If you have any information about BigAdda or have any conspiracy theories please do share in comments!