Monthly Archives: June 2008

Google Affiliate Network

Just got an email from Adsense team that they are retiring AdSense Referrals. They will be replaced with Google Affiliate Network. This is a big blow to CJs of the world. Google’s affiliate network hasn’t been skinned/domained in Google way. Performics is hosted on (an ugly looking UI). This is evident how fast Goog wanted the product to be out for its Adwords and Adsense customers.

Adsense Referrals didn’t perform that well for our site, but that could be because “International Entertainment” hardly has any highly targeted advertisers. Hoping that GAN has a much bigger advertiser base.

Here is the email sent by Adsense team.

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What I did on 2008-06-17

  • Why are all my friends linked with https #
  • And why some of my friends have links to their friends like ? Is Twitter testing something? #
  • I see “Http/1.1 Service Unavailable” on #
  • FF 3.0 is up for download and works now (slow though) #
  • On FF 3.0 now. It feels much faster! #
  • hmmmm! Retweeting @guykawasaki: @AliceHill What was your bill before? Our gas and electricity bill is $900/month. #