Monthly Archives: April 2008

What I did on 2008-04-24

  • @TechCrunch Not me #
  • @TechCrunch – Yes it does. It is a setting in the URL ‘&as_qdr=d’ If you append this to any google result page it will show that dropdown #
  • Meebo logs me out as soon as I log in using my account. Anyone else facing this problem? #
  • @jun9lee will look fed to your review #
  • at web2.0 expo #

What I did on 2008-04-16

  • @Chaitanya create good content #
  • @Chaitanya Depending on the content. If you were to break news like ‘Facebook is being acquired’ you are bound to get backlinks #
  • @Chaitanya – How to get SBA loan,How to use Internet to drive foot traffic,Top 10 problems faced by SMBs,5 Things to do before starting a SB #
  • Both my Google Apps accounts are down. This won’t win Small Businesses’ hearts… #
  • gmail @ Google Apps showing a helpful error ‘Oops… the system encountered a problem (#102) – Retrying in 3:29…’ #
  • Refreshing (F5) got the email back, but the chat module in the sidebar is gone. #
  • Google Apps is back but IMAP support is gone. Hoping this is a bug than a feature. #