Monthly Archives: February 2008

What I did on 2008-02-28

  • Just found out Widgetbox’s office is 1 block away from my office. They are making some cool stuff #
  • On the same note, I accidentally parked infront of Secondlife’s office other day, they are a couple of blocks away. #
  • @TechCrunch is Yelp being accquired by mmmm…Yahoo? (both got ‘!’) #
  • Twitter mobile is down….does that have some thing to do with ‘big’ news @TechCrunch ? #
  • isn’t live yet #
  • @puneet must be friends from Nigeria calling using some phone trick. #
  • Today’s WTF News – Google Gives All SF Homeless Free Voicemail (MSNBC) #

What I did on 2008-02-26

What I did on 2008-02-22

  • What a busy day. Got a lot done. I have to wait for 11mins for the next train #
  • is it just me who thinks that starbucks should collect all the custmer data like extra hot, a/ whipped cream, etc? #
  • I hate when people infront of you walk really slow in tight alleys. Just saw one of those at the station #
  • will microsoft be able to embrace open source? I don’t think so. #
  • Does anyone know about any open source (read free/cheap) software that converts images to video? #
  • According to TC, India is #1 in fradulent clicks. No wonder CPC and eCPM sucks. #
  • Thinking it will be really awesome if Gmail has an embedable calendar (like gtalk) #
  • @Gauravonomics @RajeshLalwani – Are you talking about UGC and other social aspects of the web in India? #
  • I ‘ve been seeing’s US-Ind tix all over, but it is difficult to find the international section on their site #
  • Yatra doesn’t ‘carry’ Singapore Airlines, too bad. #
  • More Makemytrip woes #
  • @Gauravonomics @Rajeshlalwani – IMHO India needs web 1.0 before it gets web 2.0. It is not just the web companies, but the users. I thin … #
  • @Gauravonomics @Rajeshlalwani – Most of the Internet users in India use it for communication (email) and entertainment (as in p*rn). #
  • @Gauravonomics @Rajeshlalwani – Interesting stuff about what ‘India’ does on Internet #
  • @puneet lol @ the’ s header #
  • lol @ the post #

More Makemytrip woes

I was looking for a ticket on, but didn’t find S’pore Airlines on it. I then tried Makemytrip. They seriously need to work on their usability. Add the dammn ticket cost and tax for the consumer. I can’t believe that they don’t let you sort results. The default sort order they show you is totally random based on the ticket cost (not including tax), so it is not even the cheapest ticket on the top. I think most of their orders are placed via phone or their online chat ‘thingy’. I know labor is cheap in India, but my advice to them is, spend resources on the product – then you’ll see less of those calls and online chats.

On another note, I like Ixigo, they got funded recently (congratts!). Ixigo is Indian ‘Kayak’. I like their simple, clean design and a ton of sorting/filtering features. That’s what a good product should look like!