Monthly Archives: January 2008

Congratulations Automattic!

Automattic, WordPress’ parent company raised Series B round of funding of $29.5M! A company with hardly any revenue and undefined business model got a whooping 29.5M. Is is bubble 2.0 yet? (BTW I really loved Richter Scale’s performance at Crunchies.) I don’t think so.

Automattic is not making much money because they choose not to. They can run ads and make some quick bucks, but they are not doing it. Why do they need 30M then? OM Malik mentions about a social network on That might be possible and one of the things they might be working on. However, I think power lies in Akismet. It saved me and others off millions of spammy comments. They can take it out of comments (hint: email) and serve enterprise as well as SMEs. I would like to see what they do with this money in coming months.

Congratulations again!

Open Social 0.6 – Not there yet

Google released its Open Social 0.1 sometime ago with a promise to be something open and make life of a developer much easier. It has been a few months now and it is still not there yet. I have programmed on both Open Social and Facebook’s Dev program. Facebook’s APIs are much thought out and gives a developer a lot of power. On the other hand Google launched the half-baked hardly-alpha set of APIs. Implementation of Open Social on Orkut is nothing much more than framing pages (not literally though). Google’s Open Social will be releasing ver 0.6 on Orkut soon. Here are the release notes.

According to a Google employee

Orkut’s sandbox is going to be moving to version 0.6 of the OpenSocial API. The Orkut team has been working hard to complete this update and is currently aiming for a release of the new functionality late next week.

It seems like they have made the “framing” better.

Enhanced support for fetching remote content. Another addition to the API is the new opensocial.makeRequest method. This is an enhancement to the current gadget API IG_Fetch… methods. The opensocial.makeRequest method allows for POSTs as well as GETs, and you can specify whether you want your data fetch to be signed or even authenticated.

I am no longer wasting my time thinking about an Open Social app, at least till they come up with a solid program for developers.

Integrating online services with offline and mobile

I think this should be the mantra used by Indian consumer/content based companies. Clickjobs integrates Internet, mobile and print. IMO it is a very good move. It provides the recruiter/companies an easy way to post jobs and a huge print audience as well as Internet audience. It gives a huge print audience access to the jobs which they may not have been able to find otherwise. It also gives the probable candidates an easy way to apply for the job, instead of forcing them to log on to the site. A candidate can create his/her profile once and keep applying for jobs without logging on to the Internet.

It would be good to see other companies come out with innovative ways to create these bridges.