Monthly Archives: November 2007

What was HT thinking?

Read about HT’s acquisition of DesiMartini. I vaguely remember visiting the site a few months ago and saw the *familiar* design.

Hats off to the founder(s) and whoever was involved in the deal for pulling off the deal. On the other hand, I think it was a big mistake by HT. It seems like they were very desperate to get into “Social Networking”.

I wonder if HT did their due diligence before the acquisition? There are a few basic things regarding the information provided in the press release.

1) Intellectual Property – Anyone who has been to Facebook can easily spot similarity…duh! I compared DM’s HTML source code (CSS) with FB’s CSS file. It seems like DM did not even feel like changing image names. For instance ‘flex_ arrow_ shut.gif’ (remove the spaces after _) is present on both the sites (at least till now) – isn’t it a strange coincidence? I wonder if FB will want a share in that “less than 10m USD”.

2) According to the founder’s profile

Hi! You have been automatically added as my friend…

He has 243664 friends so far, which is pretty close with the claimed number. But how many of these 250,000 users are active users? They do get more page views per visitor, but have a lower reach.

3) Anyone who has access to Alexa can easily see the trend for the site. I understand that alexa’s data is not accurate and reliable. Alexa has to be way off with their numbers if I believe that DM has 2.5 Million page views a month at this time.

I am still thinking if HT bought DM for their IP (ahemm..) or user base or the concept?