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Toy Hunt on Google Earth

Google has started an interesting promotion for Google Earth. They will provide a clue everyday till 24th Dec. and solution of the clue will get you to “a toy hidden in a Google Earth satellite image”. The location of the toy will be revealed next day. Blog post on Google’s blog does not clarify if multiple people can get the toy.

I think it will be fun to solve clues, so I am gonna go for it. I haven’t used Google Earth, just saw it working on a friend’s computer, so I’ll need to know a bit more about it.

To participate in the toy hunt, you will need Google Earth 4 and Santa Tracker and Toy Hunt.

Good Luck with finding toys!

Update: Today’s location was Mumbai, when I reached there the toy was gone. I thought they ‘d have difficult clues, but I guess this is really for kids.

Google Earth Toy hunt

Reliance India Call

I started using them soon after they launched. They had really cheap deals at that time (less than 10 cents per minute for india). I never had any major issues with them so far. But I still don’t like them.

First of all, they chose a long confusing domain name. I don’t have them bookmarked, so I generally end up at another similar domain name (hint swap last wo words of the actual domain name).

I could never thougth that such a big company like Reliance would indulge in Black Hat SEO practices. Click Here to find it yourself. It is disgusting that they are following such practices.

There were a couple of another things I found about them through Google. They are very easily hackable. I remmember that they used to charge ‘tax’ on the pre-paid service, but they do not anymore. I saw a complaint by Adaniki Narasimha (why would someone leave his email address to be abused by spammers?) that the tax Reliance charges is undue and is probably not paid to the Government. This seems to be correct as Reliance stopped charging tax, but what about the money they already charged customers? I know people like me would just talk about it and do nothing because it isn’t a huge sum (may be $20 atmost). If there is any attorney pursuing this issue or intend to do so, feel free to contact me and I can try to help you with providing information and perhaps proof that they charged tax.

While writing the post, I found something funny and interesting, which also suggests that they used to charge tax. Read this and this post. Second post is really funny. I would have probably added – Tina Bhabhiji ko Namaskar aur Mukesh Bhaiya ko pyar :) (Reliance wasn’t split back in 2004)

I hope this post helps people know more about Reliance. I feel really happy when my Ajmeri Baba and Peer Syed Sahib posts get comments that enlighten people with personal experiences, like-

Hey, see when ur become emotional and see ur loved one going away from u, that tiem u do anything to hold them back, i also this ad and called and gave every money he asked for… i gave $30,000 (usa) to pundit maharaj…. but nothing happend…. i dont if i dont get my money back but i dont want someone else to do the same thing as i did…. and now i cant see thsi guy( pundit maharaj) haveing fun wiht my money…. NEED HELP CAN SOMEONE HELP ME…. PLEASE………

New Google Finance

I am not a hardcore Stock Market observer, but do have a general sense of what is going on and what trends look like. I use Yahoo Finance most of the time. It provides a good service with the portfolio. Google Finance a fairly newer service has certain things that appeal to me.

Google does not punish me if I don’t know the symbol for a particular company. They simply provide it in the search bar using ‘suggest feature’. Yahoo on the other hand force me to click a link called ‘Symbol Lookup’ then search for the company to lookup the symbol then comeback to the original page and get info for that symbol. It is annoying. I am not a stock broker, I don’t need to learn these symbols by heart.

Google Finance also allows me add a number of shares in my portfolio. This is a good way to track total loss/gain. I don’t think I have seen this feature in Yahoo finance.

I thought Google Finance did not have international data, but I do see it right now (atleast Indian). This was the only thing I missed in Google Finance.

Today Google Finance got a facelift and some new features and data. Checkout the funny video released by them.

via TC

Google-Yahoo copying wars

I was shocked to find out that Google copied a page from Yahoo. I was waiting for them to pull it off their website or change it and a response from them. They changed the page after a few hours, but have not released any official statement.

Matt Cutts from Google posted (unofficial) yet another interesting fact about the Google-Yahoo relationship. He pointed out that Yahoo has copied Google’s Adword design/layout multiple times.

On another note: Google open-sourced its Google Web Toolkit.