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Yahoo Ads Beta – Review

What happens when you try to implement something real quick inorder to compete with a competitor? You end up with Yahoo Ads Beta.

I applied for them a cpl. of weeks ago (thanks 2 Puneet for letting me know about it) and I got approved yesterday (or may be day before). So, I thought I’d give them a shot. I read the TOS and found some lame stuff:

9g from here

you are a US-based business and you are operating Your Site solely for viewing and use by users within the US; and

How the hell do you operate a site “solely” for viewing and use by users within the US on the Internet? Should I ban all the darnnn non-US IP addresses? Thank god they didn’t ask me to check if each of my viewer is a valid US citizen or Permanent Resident.

11 l (as in ‘L’)

Abuse of Services. You agree not to:
display all or part of the Ad Unit to any user located outside the US

Well……can non-US bots view the Ad…?…….please please let them…….ok may be just one glimpse……

To Yahoo – Please implement your Ads like this

check if user = US-located
if yes
display Ad
Get lost you looser, don’t waste the bloody bandwidth, you aren’t worth a penny.

And it will be great if publishers can customize the last message.

I haven’t read Adsense’s TOS lately, but I don’t think they have TOS like this (or may be they do ­čśÉ )

Anyways, I somehow manage to make myself understand about that TOS, I agreed to it, that I won’t ask any non-US to view the Ads, if they do, then its Yahoo’s lack of implementation. I agreed to remove Adsense from my site and created a Yahoo Ad. I didn’t miss my Adsense, cos the Yahoo Ad is a clone of Adsense.

Yahoo Ad Preview

They use javascript for to display Ad preview and it is neat. They also have a “Select Your Ad Code” button for those, I guess, who do not know how to select text in a textarea.

They have a Ad Targeting section, where you can choose a category and a sub-category and can even display those Targeted Ads to a certain page or whole site or a subdomain. I think its good. Its more like an addition to the contextual Ads. Here is what the tag line says: “You can display ads that are based on your users’ interests to complement your site’s contextually matched ads.

And then there is Ad Blocking, where you can block certain domains, usual competitors n stuff.

They also have a Content Setup section, where you can:

Embed Y!Q into your site. What is Y!Q?

Y!Q lets you search from any web page you’re on so you don’t have to interrupt your workflow to find more information. Traditional web searches force you to go to a specific search page and type in a query.

It’s the thing that Y! has introduced in its latest YIM. where you highlight some text and can see the results in a small pop-up-like-a-thing.

They also have Add Your RSS Feed to My Yahoo!, which is nothing but just adding your XML feed to viewer’s Right now they don’t have RSS advertising, but it seems like they are working on it.

Link to a Yahoo! Map from Your Web Site is another lame thing that they have in there, which is simply creating a link to Y! maps from your site.

Y!Q, RSS to My Yahoo and Links to Y! Maps don’t pay u anything.

Payment options are more or less same, but they also allow you to transfer funds to your overture a/c. I do have Adsense and Adwords a/cs but not sure if they allow that or not.

Reports are more or less similar to Adsense. There is one feature called URL Tracking.

What it does is: Track the performance of the ads on your site by domain, directory, or page. which is similar to pages in Adsense. They also have “categories” which are similar to Channels in Adsense.

My problems aren’t over yet……

I backed up my Adsense code and clicked the “Select Your Ad Code” button on Yahoo publisher to replace my Adsense.

I put the code like:

Original Code

and what I see on the site is:





did I miss something?

I checked the source of me site and what I see is:

ctxt_ad_partner = \’1214287163\’;
ctxt_ad_section = \’6620\’;
ctxt_ad_bg = \’FFFFFF\’;
ctxt_ad_width = 468;
ctxt_ad_height = 60;
ctxt_ad_bc = \’D40000\’;
ctxt_ad_cc = \’FFD800\’;
ctxt_ad_lc = \’D40000\’;
ctxt_ad_tc = \’000000\’;
ctxt_ad_uc = \’7C0000\’;

Where did these \ come from (Is it Apache?)? On further investigation, found that Adsense uses ” instead of ‘ …..but I can’t change their code, so dunno if I am thinking in right direction or not.

Acc. to their FAQ:

When will ads begin appearing on my site?

Your Yahoo! Publisher Network ads will usually begin appearing within seconds of pasting the ad code into your web pages. If no ads are available, public service announcements will be displayed. If you prefer, you may select a Substitute Color that matches your web page background so that a solid color block appears in the meantime instead.

Note: My Substitute color field has nothing in it.

It has been more than an hour and the Ads still don’t work. May be they think I am a bloody non-US located? I don’t think that is the case, but who knows. I suspect its just the lack of testing (oh well its in Beta, y am I cribbing) and may be some of the javascript used on my site is killing the Ads? But Adsense works fine. Also why the hell it shows 2 different things on IE n FF?

I am gonna switch back to Adsense and report the matter to Y! guys., I don’t understand certain things about them. Let’s start from the top of that image, where it it says “Rs. 2500/ year”, is .in a new programming language or is .asp a new domain extension (TLD)?

Checkout the “Matrimonial” link (with the new image) on the left, well nothing wrong about it, its just a link to, which is Times group’s matrimonial website. If you look tiny bit right off that link, you see and’s Ads. Are you telling me that you make more money through and Bharatmatrimony’s affiliates? Are you telling me that you yourself don’t believe in your product and then you want me to signup for

{Distraction}I guess the time has come, when I should start a new category called Advertising.{/Distraction}

Indiatimes started a new feature a while ago, its more like a slideshow and they generally run it for subdomains or If you have come across any of those, you might have had noticed its generally related to women, not just any women, but hot n Sexy women. BTW if you noticed, the “next” link in those slideshows are really very close to the Ads and I don’t think its unintentional.

Coming back to their main page, if you see the above image, you will see the main section called “Top Headlines”, you should also be able to see a link called “Countdown: the world’s top temptresses” in bold, it seems like it is very important headline. If you were to click it, you will land up here, which is one of those slideshows.

This link is a part of their subdomain “women” (which is closely related to Femina). I thought Femina talked about how women are independent these days. It is supposedlly a magazine for women, which gives them a strength to compete in this “big bad world of men.” The Indiatimes’ Women subdomain has a caption “Inspired, Independent.” Just checkout how are they presenting the women on their website.

Indiatimes Women

This is total crap, they are selling soft-porn in the name of the media. So does, will write about it someother time.

Do you have multiple personalities?

Ever thought that your behavior at 2 different places is entirely different? I am not talking about at some particular moment, but in general.

Confessions (Beta Testing – Puneet :p)
Happens to me always: While in school or with friends, I can be really naughty or prolly think of something really mischeveous to do. But if I am at home, there isn’t a decent non-naughty person like me.

Also, ever wondered, you never use the language at home, that you use while with your friends ­čśë

BTW if you haven’t seen my tag cloud, then have a look at it and let me know what colors shud I use for less used tags and for the most used tags.

Firefox 1.5 Beta 1

Beta Tester

Yes, 1.5 Beta 1 is out!!

I started disliking FF coz it gave me memory creeps. It was consuming sys memory like a monster. I generally have my browser open for a very long time, I open and close tabs. It appeared that FF 1.* wasn’t freeing the memory after the tab is closed.

It has been 5 minutes since I downloaded the new ver. and is too early to claim anything, but still this one feels much better.

Aaina, had some probs with WP and IE, so I recommended her to download Opera, coz I was unhappy w/ FF. Opera works well!! I was also thinking to move from FF to Opera, but never got a chance. Probably now, I won’t have to change my browser.

Another News about FF: A flaw has been spotted in FF (all versions.) If you use FF and haven’t patched it yet, here is your chance to know more about the bug and download a temporary work around.

Mumbai vs New Orleans

Ok…Enough is Enough, *I dislike* these comment-spammers. I was deleting all those viagra and diamond comments/trackbacks and by accident deleted about 7-8 genuine comments :|. If your comment was one of them, then am sorry. I’ll look and install a plugin to shoo these guys, right away.

This is one of the mails that I have received from multiple people:


Parameter New Orleans Mumbai
Inches of rain 18 37.1
Population 4,84,674 1,26,22,500
Casualities after 48
100 37
No.of people had to be
Almost entire city 10,000
Cases of looting and
Countless None
Time taken by Army to reach the
48 12
Status after 48 hrs. Still no electricity and
Almost normal
External aid India contributes USD 5

Well…..I do not agree 100% with this email/data, as there are some things which this message overlooked, such as the 150 – 175 mph winds, levy was broken….etc. But I would still say, it is somewhat reasonable comparison. The mumbai flood also created a lot of trouble (Ask, N-P)

With due respect to all the people who died and the others who suffered, I think people need to have patience. Help others in distress, than looting.

I understand that they haven’t seen something like this before and would critisize govt. for not providing drinking water (Botteled water, I believe), Portable Toilets/Showers, clothes etc. even after 48 hours of the tragedy.

But I think they should also realize that, there are millions of people in this world, for whom these conditions are part of day-to-day life.

I also understand (from Radio stations) that, the levys were being repaired/upgraded by the army and wouldn’t have had cracked if the repairs had been done. Guess why the repairs were taking longer than expected? – lack of funds…..due to the Iraqi *Freedom* movement.

One of the evilest face of the American media was also seen during the course of the hurricane. Checkout this article. It might take u to a weird Ad, just click “Skip the Ad” on top right. The article talks about how blacks and whites are portrayed in the media. A white gathers food for his family while a black loots….

To add to all this, Kanye West’s video (might have bloody popups) was ‘cut’ by the NBC just because he said some good words about Dubya…. Read an elaborate article and transcript here. The last thing I heard on American News channels was that Chinese censor stuff….

This link (might have bloody popups) is really pathetic. Ever saw police goin looting?

If you are visual person like me, you would like to wath the images.

I had promised, a few days ago, on Poonam’s blog, that I would write something about Indians in USA. I haven’t got a chance since then, but I’ll certainly write it perhaps this weekend. Till then read more about this. I’ll post updates about it soon.

BTW saw a real hottie today via /.
I really want it….dammm checkout its spex:

6.8GHZ CPU (AtomChip┬« Quantum┬« II processor or 4 x Intel┬« Pentium┬« M processors 1.7CHz) / System Compliance: Two Operating Systems with Voice Command (Microsoft┬« Windows┬« XP Professional and Linux┬«) / Memory: 1TB Quantum-Optical non-volatile RAM (NvIOpSRAM-SODIMM 200-pin) / Storage: 2TB non-volatile Quantum RAM (NvIOpRAM-ATA IDE) …..