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Why does it happen to me?

Well….. Why? Why just me? Since a couple of days u have been reading that I have been getting emails for other people… here and here. Guess what? I got one more email today. This time it was for some Gauri Sharma about her college stuff. I read the email and started cheking the scrapbook entries @ my Orkut a/c. Suddenly I noticed “Gauri Sharma” in my frnd list (met online). It just stuck to me that, it might be her, coz she is around the same place I am. Checked her site and bammmm she had an email id very similar to me. Mailed her about it and she did get the info which was for her.

Now, if you think this is it, then don’t think, coz weird things happen to me every moment. As I mentioned earlier, I was checking my scrapbook entries @ Orkut, I got a scribble from some guy who is in my friendlist but I dunno him. I don’t even recall y or how he added me. The scribble read:

bhaiye suna hai aajkal india mein hi ho…..kis company mein ? So finally your wish to come back to our country came true? aur kya chal raha hai ?

I was kinda freaked out coz I did visit India a few weeks ago, but what is this job thing and how does this guy know me? I thought it can’t be a case of mistaken identity coz I have my pic (old, but yes it is my pic) and there isn’t much chance of any confusion. I was thinking that he prolly was my junior at school or college at some point of time or whatever. I asked him who told him about that and then after a few scrap posts, he asked me:

Means u r not that gaurav sharma ? IIT kanpur one? (who studied in Cambridge classes in UDR ?)

“lol…….does he look like me?” I asked.

The reply was “yes….u look a lot like him…almost same….:)”

Holly smoke!! This is prolly my 3rd or 4th look alike. Read this(my old lj blog) to know about my other look alikes.

Peace till my nxt post…

Google Talk: A boon or a Misery?

Disclaimer:Google Talk: A boon or a Misery? – I am talking about myself, not the entire GT using community

I talked about Google Talk and the issue that I keep getting other’s emails(click and scroll down).

And guess what…..I never thought that both the things can co-relate themselves and make my life miserable……

I am online on GT since I dled it, I have invited a few people. A few minutes ago, I got an invitation from some girl TP (name initialized, just to create hype.) I didn’t know her, so thought might have read my post on the GT. I accepted the invite. And initiated the conversation. Following is the uneditted conversation, except her name:

Gaurav: hi

tanayapras……: hello

Gaurav: sorry, but do I know you :p

tanayapras……: i am arriving in delhi tonight, i hope :)


Gaurav: :((



tanayapras……: sorry

Gaurav: mere saath aisa kyun hota hai, I always get other ppl’s mails ab msngr par bhi 😐

lol thats ok

hope, I didn’t scare you

tanayapras……: no no

Gaurav: lol ok. Actually I get a lot of emails addressed to other ppl, but then….they send them to
me…. so ur frnd must be having an id gsharma*

Sent at 10:00 PM on Wednesday


During the conversation, as soon as she realized that this was a wrong id, she sent an invite to g._mylastname_. As a lot of u know gmail would consider that as my id coz a ‘.’ placed anywhere in the id is insignificant (except while logging in.)

I guess she has freaked out a lot, I haven’t heard from her since then :p, I’ll delete her after a few days, if there is a no-response and if u r reading it, then let me know if u want to be deleted from my GT :p

I am sure, I’ll have a lot of these kind of incidents, so I’ll try to keep you updated on them 😀

Google Talk

It has happened finally….. Google has launched its Messenger (Ofcourse the Beta Version.) There had been a lot of speculations about it since a long time. Technically it is supposed to be launched on wednesday (tomorrow), but its already up @ their website right now, coz its wednesday in other parts of the world.

You can download the “Google Talk” here, but the catch is that u have to have a Gmail a/c which, most of the ppl have these days and if u don’t then contact me.

Right now it is very primitive, the main funda is Voice Messaging. I haven’t tested it in a duplex mode w/ someone while Voice Chatting, so can’t say too much bout its Voice quality and the lag time etc.

You get new email @ ur Gmail a/c notifications similar to Y! and MSN IMs. There r no Smileys, they just show the main gestures such as a smile or laughter in blue color.

I am sure….in coming few days, we will definetly see a lot of goodies coming to us in the form of Google Talk.

BTW checkout an article about it. Also checkout its features w/ screenshots here.

Feel free to Add me, the username is same as my domain name!!

PS – No, it doesn’t have any contextual based Ads (so, far) and I don’t think they will introduce any Ads, coz it is more for making a customer base…..

Coke: A lovely evil

Long time since, I posted my last post. Actually I wrote a long post on suttebaji and Indian Cinema, but I accidentally overwrote it with a 0 byte file 😐

Anyways, got this (Powerpoint Presentation) in email…. viewed it, closed it and after 5 minutes, opened a coke can. I am officially addicted to it.

I do agree that its not good for health n stuff, but I think the death of a DU student after drinking 8 bottles is not true…..and I feel the contents r prolly overexagurated.

BTW I was able to complete my DUS viewing from the last post (and week) this weekend and guess what…? I watched it 2wice. Its a gr8 movie and definetly under-rated. Will prolly review it *someday*

I have been really busy with my job, a personal project I am working on and ofcourse whatever time was left, I fwded the Aish’s email for Rakhi. If u have no clue about the email, then look at the bottom of this post (which shudn’t b far coz its past 12 right now)

I have been looking for an editor for Linux/Solaris which would let me edit multiple files in one go. I am not sure if vi or may be even grep can help me with that. What I want to achieve something like the following:

replace all_instances_of(or may be just 1) ‘gaurav’ by ‘gaurav_sharma’ in the files *.info

I have heard that ‘SED’ might be able to help me, but I haven’t checked it out yet. If you know of any utility liks this, then let me know, or I’ll have to write a shell script using exec and vi (more like a macro).

This reminds me of one of my teacher’s sayings: Programming is for lazy people 😀

Ok Bakwaas band, Aish wali email shuru:

Wait a minute, I was gonna end the post, but then I got an email. Darrn people, since my email add. is a simple one (without any non-alpha chars) I get a lot of emails from genuine ppl, trying to reach some G* Sharma. The latest I got is for some dude who prolly works @ titan ( is the domain name) and his name is also Gaurav Sharma. Guess what is in the email? Cash and Credit Card Sale Record for a Titan Store….not just for a day or 2 days, but 15 months :|. Kya hoga in logon ka? Woh to main achcha hoon, so they can have a chain ki saans….but they could have really messed up things if, it was someone else. I make sure to reply back the ppl. who send me such mails, so that they know what they are doing. I get variety of emails….from fwds. from some unknown ppl for some other unknown person to love letters or discussion about someone’s gf w/ his cousin…. I get them all. The only problem is if I get a love letter for some Gaurav Sharma and is read by _someone_, I’ll b in trouble 😛

once again, bakwaas band and finally Aish’s email is here:

Hi Bhaiya,

Rakhi courier se bhej di hai. Kuch din mein pahuch jayegi.

Mera mail account bandh ho gaya hai, isliye Unke Mail Account se mail kar rahi hoon.

Aapki pyari behen,

Aishwarya, Mumbai se.

Sahara Samay

Happy Independence Day in Advance….

We have 6 Indian channels – Zee TV, TV Asia, Set Max, Sony TV, Zee Cinema and B4U Movies. Most of the time we are tuned to one of these channels. 3 of the Star channels (Star TV, Star News and Star One) are also available on Direct TV (we have Dish Network :( ). I was surprised to know that MTV Desi and Aastha channels can be subscribed @ Direct TV.

I was watching Kahin Pyar Na Hojaye @ B4U and started flipping channels, by accident I landed to channel 584 (only relevant to ppl. who have Dish Network) and I saw that they were showing some channel called “Samay.” It took me a couple of minutes to figure out what it is. Well, it is Sahara’s news channel Sahara Samay. I never heard about it before, not even when I was in India.

I was delighted to see a 24 hr. Indian News channel and on top of it, it shows commercials from India, which means no more crappy Ajmeri Baba and Peer Syed Sahib Ads. There is another Ad which irritates me a lot, I’ll post about it later.

Indian channels are swamping USA now. Zee has started Zee punjabi and Gujrati and there are other channels (mentioned above). So, generally we get to see free preview channels on weekends, so I am not sure if its a free preview or they showin it for free forever.

While writing this post, I searched to check if the Samay is a free preview…..and guess what, I found out that I can also watch Sahara One!!!!!! I think when I was in India, I saw a commercial of Chacha Chaudhri @ Sahara One 😀 I wish they are not just preview channels, but they come w/ Indian ads also.

Some of you (esp. who live in India) must be thinking, whats the big deal….why am I getting so excited (if you didn’t know that I am excited rt. now then – I am)….Its just that I am fed up of those bloody Baba Ads and definetly the Zee and Sony are not too much youth oriented….they just keep showing that fijul ki rimjhim all the time. I want to see what is meant for Indian (living) population and not fijul ke tailored progs. for Intl. audience with subtitles 😐 and apart from that I want to see Indian ads and know what exactly is going on there. Although web is a good place to keep yourself updated….but TV has a visual delight. So now most prolly am gonna watch the newly discovered channels, whole night and may be will discover another channel :p.

I watched about 30 minz of Dus today and liked it a lot, hopefully am also gonna complete it tonight!!

PS: Yes Shahara One shows CC 😀

Google’s CEO logs on to Yahoo!

I was reading an article at slashdot. Which had a link to another article, which had link to Google’s CEO, Eric Schmidt’s homepage.

And guess what…..his email id is: [email protected] (may he be saved from spammers…Amin!)

Well…..technically speaking there is nothing wrong with it. At one time he was probably like you or me, but I believe if he is a CEO of a company, he _should_ take care of such things.

Google stole my idea

lol…. Its just that they got it patented, whereas I thought about it and then forgot all about it. They were awarded the patent yesterday and guess what I got in email today:

AdSense for Feeds

The emergence of RSS and Atom feeds has created a new way of sharing content with the world. Until now, finding a way to monetize these feeds was a difficult task. Without the need for users to visit the feed site, publishers were gaining eyes but were decreasing ad coverage. The solution arrived with the release of AdSense for feeds, a way of inserting relevant Google ads into RSS and Atom feeds. If you share your content through either of these technologies, check out the AdSense for feeds section of AdSense Support to learn how to earn money from your feed.

Even I thought, that one needs to provide the whole article/content in the feed, so that these adverts work well. But won’t that (the data from each article) increase the load on the server and will load the pages (where the RSS feed is fed) very slow?