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Bend It Like Beckham

As I mentioned before that watched Bend It Like Beckham, so I had to write a movie response on it for the class. I am assuming that you have already watched the movie and If you haven’t watched it yet, then you should watch it. Continue reading

7 weeks to go

Post Start: Thr, 21st Apr. 2005 – 6:21:06 pm

It has been long time since I actually blogged. Fwds isn’t truly blog. 7 weeks to go. I am taking classes on Tuesdays n Thursdays. So had Asian American Family class @ 10:00. Reached class @ 10: 07 (earlier than last time). The dept. co-ordinator had already setup the projector and had played the movie. After few minutes, I was settled and started watching Bend It Like Beckham for the nth time. Once again enjoyed the movie as I did it at previous occasions. The only difference was that I was watching it in a class. Now have to write a review on it: due – 04/26/05.

7 weeks to go. Them was this darn comp class from 12 – 2. It has an assignment due – 04/24/05 (yes, I know its a sunday – e-assignment). As soon as I got off the class, started working on that assignment. Its rare for me to work on an easy assignment right away. In normal circumstances I’d have statrted it sometime on sat or sun. But I started right away coz I had the values and the method to do it in my RAM and I can’t afford to lose all the info with a sys crash.

7 weeks to go. Continue reading

Live webcast

249 isn’t that bad as compared to the shaky start. I just got a live webcast link :D. Although I missed Indian innings, I’ll still c Indian bowling. If someone needs the link, then u need to contact me coz I can’t post it here.

If you know me then you should know my email addy n if not then YIM me.

Update: 3 sixes in an over….I think I need to turn it off n goto sleep.

Update1: 135/2 is there still any hope?

Dishaheen Guy

Read something good @ Sanjana’s blog. I’d really love to witness such a session (directly or indirectly.) Neways , this post reminded me of how *generally* Indian men converse when they meet other acquaintances at some family function. I am talking about a typical Indian uncleji type of ppl. In most of the cases they break silence by talking about weather…..god knows y?

Pichle 2-3 dino se mausam saaf hogaya hai…..

etc. etc…

Since I am writing about Indian men, I’ll dedicate the whole (wotever is left) post to Indian men and trains and buses. Continue reading

2 many GBs

Gmail announced:

1.) 2 GB Mail Box
2.) HTML Formatting

:) Acc. 2 Gmail, they would keep increasing the disk space :) I believe it is in response to Yahoo’s 1 GB mail boxes. BTW its not an April Fool’s Prank, you can check it yourself.

My a/c said 1147 MB about 15 minutes ago but now it shows 1162 MB ….. seems like some gradual process is going on. Go check your Gmail account, if you don’t have one then ask me I got plenty of invites.

Read about 2nd Moon mission by Nasa @ Govind’s blog. It remindid me of a fwd that I received a few days ago. It is an image which claims that the mission to moon was fake, it never happened. They also provide lot of proofs. Continue reading