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Sardarji Barah Baj Gaye

India is in a very bad situation rt now 😐 138/5. I knew that playing on last day would b 2 difficult. Hopefully Sachin n Karthik save the day. Apart from the national pride, I have another reason that I want India to draw today. I have had a bet with someone :(

Well, there is nothing much I can do about the match.

I read a post full of joke on Sardars on Manpreet’s blog. He is a sikh himself and I have had other frnds who are sikh but crack jokes on themselves :p. Its just fun to crack jokes about each other and I don’t even mind jokes on hindus etc… The most common jokes about Sardars are barah baje wale jokes. I got an email from an ex-collegemate, who is ofcourse a sikh by religion. It explained the origin of “barah baj gaye.” I had heard that from someone when I was studying in Punjab, but now I got it typed so it is easy for me to put it on my blog 😉

Here is the exact copy of the email.
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long time no see

In my 8th – 9th geography classes, I learnt about Dead and Alive volcanoes and also about sleeping volcanoes. Similarly, my blog isn’t a dead blog, but its in sleep mode for now.

My exams are on my head (translate it to hindi) actually they have started and fortunately will be ending soon in 2-3 days. Its not that I study so hard that I don’t get any time etc. Its just that I was busy, not physically but mentally and guess how did I visit my blog today?
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