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The Inteligent Girl

Here is a forward sent by one of my friend (manu)

Hi Folks this one is really good one. Just read this through. One day, a girl, 16yrs old, heared from her mother that if she will do a regular prayer for 4 yrs, a divine “Devi” will come to her
dreams & give her 3 boons. So she decided to do it. She completed 4 yrs successfully, doing prayer regularly.

Now it was a day for “Devi” to come. So she slept earlier with thoughts in her mind to ask. And, really a “Devi” comes in her dreams. Now this is the dialogue between them.

Devi: O Girl, you prayed to me regularly within last 4 yrs, so I am very very happy with you. I will complete any of your 3 wishes. You can ask anything you like, but there is one condition.

Girl: Condition!, what is that?

Devi: You have a boy-friend?

Girl: Yes.

Devi: When you were doing a prayer, he was waiting for you, so he also sacrificed same as you. Moreover, he didn’t know anything about boon and all, so he is also eligible for the boons. So whatever you will ask, he will get 10 times more than that of you. If you are agreed, then
proceed for the 1st boon.

Girl: (After thinking for some time … ): Yes, I am ready.

Girl: 1st, Make me 10 times richer than the richest person in the world.

Devi: But your boy-friend will be 10 times richer than you.

Girl: It’s OK.

Devi: Be as you wish!

Girl: 2nd, Make me 10 times more beautiful than the most beautiful girl in the world.

Devi: But your boy-friend will be 10 times handsome than the most handsome boy in the world.

Girl: It’s OK.

Devi: Be as you wish.

Devi: Now the last boon remains.

Girl: O Devi, please give me a MILD HEART-ATTACK.

Devi: What? Are you sure!

Girl: Yes. Very sure!

Devi: Be as you wish.

Think friends,

what happened to her boy-friend, he got a severe heart-attack & died at once, while the girl remained alive. Thus, the girl became the world’s most beautiful girl and the richest one, too.

Moral of the story:
So intelligent the girls are! Girls are really more intelligent than we believe about them to be. So be careful boys!

Now, girls please stop reading … boys continue till the end of the mail …..
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The Best Gift!

Thanks everybody for wishing me on my B’day.

Had been busy since a few days now. 8th and 9th feb went very good for me :). I applied for a couple of jobs thru dice on 7th and got a call from Westlake Village based They told me that I had all the qualification for the position I had applied for (Search Partner Implimentation Specialist) and they would call me to schedule an appointment :). I thought it would probably take a couple of days before they call me, but my phone rang again after 10 minutes (I was in my *Art* class.) The lady asked me if wednesday 3:30 was ok, I replied affirmatively. Later realized that wednesday was the next day and my B’day. After that call I went to check how far is Westlake Village from my home, I thought it would be 2.5 – 3 hours drive. Continue reading

Jana Gana Mana

I studied Hindi till 8th class and Sanskrit till 10th, par aaj alam yeh hai ki…. I don’t even remmember the alphabet. May be I can practice some here. But I still rmmbr A – Z.

I can almost recall most of the National Anthem (Jana Gana Mana), but sometimes get stuck. We used to sing it everyday in the school. How much do you remmember?

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I slept a lot today. Slept about 2:00 last night and woke up around 11:30 in the morning. I had a bit of headache so slept at about 1:30 – 2 to wake up again at 5:30 ish.

Now my eyes are wide open and it is hard for me to sleep, but I guess I’ll sleep by 1 coz I have to goto college tomorrow.

I just finished writing a script. I needed a utility for image manipulation for my site. Took me about an hour to get it to work exactly as I wanted. Its nothing special, just a script that reads a particular dir, looks for image files (basically jpeg’s), puts a watermark on them and then saves the new image. I googled and found a few watermark scripts, but all of them showed watermark for the viewer, which meas that the original image was not changed, but a copy of it is displayed to the user with the watermark. A lot of online photo galleries use this for image protection/advertisment but the original images can still be extracted as generally the original image’s path/name is passed thru the URL + it creates problems for the server. So, I think the best way is to embed the watermark on the image itself. If I get some time, then I would add this function to coppermine gallery’s image upload file. So, when an image is uploaded, it automatically gets watermarked. May be they already implemented this in some gallery.

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