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My CV has been Shortlisted

I created an account at coz I wanted to send my resume to Yahoo – India and also wanted to put my resume on the site.

I didn’t read their TOS (not even sure if they had one). Yesterday I got an email from saying that “While finds you the job of your dreams, will search for your dream partner” blah blah. They sold my email address to them :|.

Generally I am critical about the TOS but this time I don’t even remmember if I accepted something which shares my email address with their partner companies :|. I feel cheated.

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Curse of the Hayward

I was supposed to put this up on thr. night or fri. but couldn’t so here it is.

Late wednsday the University got its new name. I had an appointment with a car garage (for the estimate for repairs of the damages to my car in the accident). So, I knew I would miss my first class. I went late and found that one of major signal lights in Hayward was non-functional, it was in convinient as everyboy had to stop and the crossing is a weird panchraha.

Anyways, on reaching the campus, I saw a guy going to the other direction (opposite to where the classes are held) and he was in my next class….The thought that the class got canceled was pleasing. Then I saw another non-functional signal light and was wondering what is wrong with all these lights.

After I parked my car, I came across a friend of mine. He told me that there is no power on the campus and a lot of classes have been canceled. I looked in couple of buildings, they had power but it was from generator and only the essential lights were on (corridors). Computer Labs, Food places, Book Store were all closed as their cash registers won’t work wthout electricity.

I decided that I would leave, but then came across another friend and we started cribbing the whole CSU Ebay stuff and started talking misc. stuff. Everybody was co-relating this power outage with the name change and how the city of Hayward has cursed the univ :p. Some people said that its a problem at City of Hayward while others believed that someone blew up the transformer, down the hill, to protest. There were a lot of other rumors, but I still don’t know what exactly caused that power failure (I didn’t even try finding the reason.)

Soon after, power was restored and all the classes after that went smooth.

When, I had free time, I went to the Book Store to checkout if they have put the CSUH stuff on “sale” (Suneel, gave me that idea.), but I saw
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CSU – Ebay

No, my university hasn’t forged any alliance with the giant, but it has changed its name to

California State University, East Bay

from California State University, Hayward.

A lot of students (& perhaps teachers) opposed it, but still they changed it. A lot of sites have posted articles about it.

According to the board members, the university has campuses all over the east bay so the name East Bay is appropriate. But students claim that even UC Berkeley has its campuses in the East Bay, they are still called UCB.

I personally don’t like the name CSU – East Bay. It seems like a community college or something. Actually this name change would help the univ. to get more funds coz it represents a large area. I don’t understand that on one side the officials say that there are budget cuts and they don’t have money and on the other hand they will now waste millions on the name change like stationary, Letterpads, logos, etc…. This reminds me that I should buy the alumni stuff right now coz it says CSUH 😉 .

Its unfortunate that I’ll get a CSU – East Bay degree ….. perhaps not, I need to check with the admin. coz the name change has been approved today, it might take a long time for them to fully change it. Moreover I got addmitted to CSUH and not CSUEB. I think they will give CSUH degrees to people who are already studying and the new degrees to students who will join the univ in future. I’ll post a clarification on that as soon as I find out about it.

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Automatically update your friend list

Here is a tut for people who want to update their friend list as their friends update the blogs.

This tutorial is only for the people who use WP. This doesn’t mean that your friends have to use WP in order to update your friend list. I had searched a lot about it and have gone thru WP forums, found bits n peices and combined them. I have been using it since a few weeks now.

Most of the blogs ping all or some of these sites. is a site which is devoted to ping all the sites which keep track of the blogs. So u have to ping only one site (i.e. pingomatic) and it pings to other sites.

You can either ping to pingomatic manually by logging onto or u can use wordpress’ feature to ping pingomatic automatically when u post. It is a default in WP, but if you want to check if you are pinging or not or if you don’t ping and want to ping then…

Go to ur Admin Control Panel > Options > Writing

Look for “update services” and enter in the text box. You can also add other sites to ping if you want, but then your post will take long time to publish/save (coz it ‘ll ping all the sites)

Letting world know that you have updated your blog was easy. Now the question is how can we make our list such that it updates the blogs by itself?
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270 lines in 4 hours in a span of 2 days, isn’t bad!

Its kinda warm up project. Actually the second project is easier than this :|. At first, the professor wanted us to develop it fully, like add passangers to each flight n delete them etc. but I guess some ppl thought it was tough 😐 so now most prolly we’ll be doin the same thing as proj 1, but using templates….It won’t even take 4 hours that time I guess.

Anyways apna kya jaata hai, jab tak number mil rahe hain.

Watched Musafir, last weekend, I wanna blog about it, but dunn wanna write a hasty review, but a detailed. Hopefully I get time this weekend.

One of my collegemates (from India) got addmission here in US @ N.Y.I.T. n he’ll be pursuing his masters in C.S. He was complaining about the cold weather @ NY n told me that it was -10 (I believe degree celcius) today in N.Y. and it snowed all day. Here in cali it was a warm sunny day in most parts of Bay Area. I was wearing a sweat shirt, and was feeling hot in it. I have never seen snow in my whole life, so far.

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Gmail Trash

Haven’t written about Google or Gmail since a while now.

Here is something that is bugging me. Gmail’s Trash says “Note: Trashed messages more than 30 days old will be automatically deleted.

but I have emails as old as 10/25/04 in my trash??? The Spam label aslo shows a similar message and keeps it word and deletes the spam after 30 days. Why is their a difference between policies regarding spam and trash? Trash mails are better than spam for sure, but then Y do they have that message up there?

If someone finds out the reason, then do let me know. If Gmail deletes old mail in ur account then may b i am speacial and u can c the proof.

The Swastika

Since a few days Prince Harry has made headlines of most of the newspapers and news broadcasts.

What did he do to get the limelight?

He wore a Nazi outfit for a fancy dress party.

Nazis are hated all over the world due to the mass killings of jews. What hitler and his party did was really very disturbing for so many people. A death toll of 12 to 26 million people is estimated during the holocaust.

Nazi’s had Swastika (स्वस्तिक) as their symbol. In the west Swastika is considered as the most evil symbol but
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…and he is Yahoo!

Daily Libertatea said Cornelia and Nonu Dragoman, both from Transylvania, met and decided they were meant for each other following a three-month relationship over the net.

They married and had a baby this Christmas, whom they decided to name after one of the worldwide web’s most popular portals. “We named him Lucian Yahoo after my father and the net, the main beacon of my life,” Cornelia Dragoman was quoted as saying

Webhead couple names baby Yahoo – Jan. 13, 2005

Cool!! Now soon we gonna c MSN, Altavista, Rediff… etc.

Google will be my kid’s name…

Star and Bucwild got suspended?

Original story is here

Rediff claims that ” Star and Bucwild, the hosts of a popular morning radio show in the United States, were suspended by their station for making an abusive and threatening call to a call centre employee in India.

Power 99 FM in Philadelphia told that it suspended the duo for a day, January 12, after receiving an unprecedented number of protest emails.” The whole article can be read here. Times of India and Philadelphia Weekly also cover the story.

The Station has also posted an apology. It is hard to find out the apology on their homepage as it is written such that, it doesn’t appear as an important issue. So you might need to scroll down to read it and if it is removed by the time you checkout the site….here is the apology in text
“The Star & Buc Wild Show prides itself on walking on the edge. On December 15th, we crossed it. We know the pain racial slurs cause and apologize that this comedy segment went too far.”
and here is the graphic.

The RJs got 1 day’s suspension……is it enough? I don’t think that they will be fired (but they should be) but they definetly should apologize on live radio as they played the clip on the live radio and not their website. (I dunno if they or anybody else on their behalf apologized on radio yet? – If someone knows about it then plss let me know.)