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Love Story

Before reading this please dont think of the person you love

A true, touching love story that happened in the NWFP(border) areas. The headman of a big tribe had a beautiful daughter, who fell in love with a boy who was an ordinary poor person. When the people of the tribe came to know about their love, hey did not like it at all, and so began to protest about it. Now it happened that the two lovers left their homes for a happy future. The people of the tribe started searching for the two lovers but they could not find them. At last, they accepted their love and asked them in a newspaper to come back. The people said that if u both come back we will marry u, we accept that u loved each other truly. So in this way their love won and the age old attitude of the tribe took a beating. The couple went to the city for shopping for the wedding. He was wearing a white traditional dress, and was crossing the road when a car came and hit him and he died on the spot. The girl lost her senses. After a long time she recovered and accepted that her love has died. One night she was sleeping in her home with her family. Her mother had dream in which she saw a fairy. That fairy asked her mother to wash the blood spots of the guy from her daughter’s clothes as soon as possible. But
her mother ignored the dream. Next night the father saw the same dream, he also ignored it. Then when the girl had the same dream the next night, she woke up and told her mother about the dream. Her mother asked her to wash the clothes on which there were blood spots. She washed the spots but some remained. Next night she again had the same dream she again washed the
spots but some still remained. Next night she again had the same dream and this time that fairy gave her last warning to wash the blood spots, else something terrible will happen. This time the girl tried her best to wash the spots, the clothes tore, but some spots still remained. In the evening on same day when she was alone, someone knocked the door, when she opened the door she saw the fairy at the door. She got very scared and fainted. The fairy woke her up…, and gave her an object, That awe-struck girl asked “what is this..? to which the fairy replied : ….”kaise bhi daag ho, jaise bhi daag ho……..Surf Excel hai na…”

I know what u are feeling now… But don’t look for me… I’m searching for the person who mailed this to me… :) I know you want to kill me for this!!! I felt the same!!


Merry Christmas! Went to a dinner tonite, had fun!

Continued watching Aitraaz, I watched about 1/3 a few days back and the rest today. I read a lot of reviews of Veer-Zaara When it was a new release. A lot of them described it as a pathetic movie and instead recommended Aitraaz. This prompted me to watch Veer-Zaara, so that I can know how bad it was. I found out that Veer-Zaara wasn’t that pathetic, but was waiting for Aitraaz’s DVD as a few of my friends also told me that its a good movie. I postponed watching the movie because

1. It had Kareena in it, am not a great fan of hers.
2. I had heard/read that the story had to do something with Pati Patni Aur Woh (not the old movie, but the phrase.) I heard that Priyanka Chopra files a case against Akshay and then his wife helps him….(more like general crap…. + flesh exposure + Uncomfortable Dialogues)

Today I finally finished watching the movie and would say that Veer-Zaara is a good movie, but first go and watch Aitraaz, if you haven’t seen it or both (Aitraaz n V-Z)

It feels really good to get a movie like this from the directors of Tarzan – The Wonder Car, Abbas-Mastan. Before watching the movie, I had an impression that they would have 2-3 “bold” scenes where Priyanka would use them to her benefit and would try to get the 2004 Mera Badan award. But fortunately that was not the case, the movie has 1 or may be 2 so called “bold scenes” but they are fully justified and their is no fijul ka skin show. The dialogues used in the movie are bold at times, but they are required.

Raj Malhotra: Yet another amazing performance by Rajiv Bhatia (Akshay Kumar’s real name.) He has a great sense of timing and gets into the role. The role required a young handsome executive kind of guy and Akshay was ideal for the role.

Soniya Roy: PC who was 3rd wife of a 1500 crore ke empire ka malik Mr. Roy played by Amrish Puri put a lot of effort. The role required a young, modern, not so decent female, who was more into her career, money, fame, power than her family life. Priyanka was good in the role and acted sincerely.

Priya Malhotra: KK has done well, she did look like a housewife. The role becomes important at the end. We get to see Kareena’s non glamrous side in the movie.

Misc: Amrish Puri, Vivek Shauq, Annu Kapoor and the lady who plays a punjaban in Tammana House (series by ZeeTelefilms) were all great.

Pros: The movie from the starting was interweaved. There were things shown which were very much related to situation at that time…..and also those things were used in different context….such as Kareena’s would be interview with Annu Kapoor.

The movie seemed to be a well organized piece of work. It sticks to the story line and doesn’t divert off it.

One of the more important things depicted in the movie is that sexual harrasment, where female is a victim, is too common but males being harrased is not that common in our society. So its the male who is blamed everytime anything happens. It also shows how a wife trusts her husband and leads him away from problems.

Cons: Might be many small ones. One of them is, why the hell Kareena has to do so much research, when she went to talk to Priyanka, she should have taken a audio recorder and should have had recorded what ever PC said.

Overall – 8/10 and its a must watch. Get your DVD here.


Tu mere dil mein aise samaayi hai
Jaise baajre ke khet mein bhains ghus aayi hai
Ai husn ki mallika aur baharon ki shaan
Jai jawan jai kisan

Jab tak tu apne dil ki baat mujhe samjhayegi
Jab tak tu apne dil ki baat mujhe samjhayegi
meri shaadi kahin aur ho jayegi

Joron ki baarish Makes me wonder
Is this what they call, Taste the thunder?

Yeh aankhen hain ya neeli jheel?
Yeh aankhen hain ya neeli jheel?
So? What’s the big deal?

Dharti, taarey, pahaad, patthar
Dharti, taarey, pahaad, patthar……..
Ekhathar, bahathar, chauhathar !
(tihathar is on leave)

Dooor se dekha to paani baras raha tha
Dooor se dekha to paani baras raha tha
Paas gaya… to bheeg gaya…

Door se dekha to sher tha
Door se dekha to sher tha
Is liye paas gaya hi nahi…

Agar tujh mein himmat hai
To kutub minaar ko hila kar dikha,
Aur agar nahin, to mere paas baeth,
Do ghoont maar,
Aur Kutub minar ko ! hilta hua dekh

Teri yaad me sanam raat bhar humne to wine piya
teri yaad me sanam raat bhar humne to wine piya
kabhi offline to kabhi online piya

Aasmaan mein ud rahen hain kabootar
Aasmaan mein ud rahen hain kabootar
Flutter Flutter, Flutter Flutter

Itni raat gaye kyon apni qabr khod raha hai Ghalib
Itni raat gaye kyon apni qabr khod raha hai Ghalib
La, phawda mujhe de de !!

Gam woh cheez hai
Gam woh cheez hai
Gam woh cheez hai
Jisse kagaz chipkaye jaate hain.

Tum aa gaye ho ; Noor aa gaya hai
Chalo teeno picture challe…

Shahjahan Ne Taj Mahal Ki Har Deewar Ko Dekha,
Har Meenar Ko Dekha, Har Kaaleen Ko Dekha,
Har Dar or Deewar ko dekha,
Har Lage hue Khambe ko Dekha.
Har Khidki se dekha, Aur Bola…
(guess …… kya bola hoga ???)

Update – I

Here are a few more. Njoy!

Jab dekha unhone tirchhi nazar se,
to hum madhosh ho gaye,
Par jab pata chala ki unki nazare hi tirchhi hai,
to hum behosh ho gaye…

Ab Jab ghire Baadal, Teri Yaad aayi
Jhoom ke barsa Saawan, Teri Yaad aayi
Bheega main, lekin phir bhi teri Yaad aayi
Kyon na aaye teri yaad?
Tune jo chatri ab tak nahi lautai…

Lal diwar par chune se likha tha ghalib ne
Lal diwar par chune se likha tha ghalib ne
Yahan likhna mana hai.

Unki gali ke chakkar kaat kaat kar,
Kutte bhi hamare yaar ho gaye,
Wo to hamare ho na sake,
Hum kutton ke sardar ho gaye…

Na woh inkaar karti hai
Na woh ikraar karti hai
KAMBAKHT mere hi sapno mein aakar
Mere dost se pyaar karti hai.

Maine poocha chand se…
Kabhi dekha hai mere yaar sa hasin…..
Chand ne kaha , chandni ki kasam … 12036 entries found!

Rules – Pyar Ka Superhit Forumla

It was a different movie. Different in a good sense.

Yesterday, while flipping through channels, we turned Sony (SET – Sony Entertainment Television) on and the movie “Rules – Pyar Ka Superhit Formula” was on. I had read good about it on Orkut so decided to go with it.

The basic idea was that a simple not so glamorus girl (Meera Vasudevan) loved a supermodel Vikram (Milind Soman) since she was 14 years old (they emphasis that a lot). She has a dadi (Tanuja – 4 young gen. Kajol’s mummy.) Radha, the girl wants to be a photographer so that she can meet Vikram someday. Her dream comes true when her company has to do a photo shoot session with Vikram and his girlfriend Maggie (2 minutes!!). Maggie is a modern girl, looking for opportunities and being possesive and being a b****, which is played well by the actress Namrata Barua.

Radha, all excited tells her grandmother that she has got an opportunity to work with Vikram (Grandma knows about her love and isn’t khusat.) Dadi tells her that there are 5 rules for attracting a man towards you…..Then the story continues…..

The movie periodically shows some random people of different ages, societies, sex and sexual orientation, who talk about the issues currently going on in the movie such as what is love? What does one get off love?…etc. The best part of it is that those random people are related to the main characters in some way or the other and the director doesn’t tell this untill almost the end. I really liked that concept, it was very imaginative and creative.

The movie also has dry humor in it. Its not that they have assigned 1 or 2 people to crack useless jokes and then laugh themselves but some situations are humorous. The character of Maggie is sometimes pretty humorous.

The songs are good (not too many though) and melodious.

Cons – The end part about last 20 minutes or so gets slow and boring.

Overall a must watch.



Watched the movie last week. It was a ok, timepass movie. I think the type of marketing this movie had wasn’t fair and in a sense fooled the viewer.

The Trailers emphasized a lot on the fact that it was from the makers of Hera-Pheri and Hungama. This movie didn’t have much of similiarity with the other 2 movies (except for that the title starts with an H.)

Hera-Pheri a pure comedy is a delight, Hungama can not be compared to Hera-Pheri but still it was good. Hulchul was a failed attempt of making a comical drama film.

The comedy part of the movie is good. The story revolves around Amrish Puri and an array of his sons [Jackie Shroff, Paresh Rawal, Arbaz Khan and Akshaye Khanna]. It shows the old Khaandan stuff. The movie also reflects QSQT.

If it would have been a pure comedy, then it would have been better, but when Priyadarshan thought of wooing the romance/drama audience too, things got messed up. He should have had stuck with “comedy only” theme.

Another shortcoming in the movie is that it has too many big chars. Amrish Puri, Jackie Shroff, Paresh Rawal, Arbaaz Khan, Akshaye Khanna, Kareena Kapoor, Arshad Warsi, Suniel Shetty, Shakti Kapoor and Farah apart from some small roles, such as Israni. With 10 main artists and 3 hours of screen time gives 18 minutes on average for each artist, which divides the attention of the viewer. Similar was the case with Hum Saath Saath Hain.

Yes, there good things too. Arshad Warsi, Akshaye’s(main lead) friend and got almost as much screen time as Akshaye himself. He was great. Munnabhai MBBS’ peroformance was continued here. Some scenes were really comical. Paresh Rawal was great (as ususal) and so was Suniel Shetty.

On the whole a total timepass movie which can only be watched once.


Oakland Hot Zone

I didn’t know about OHZ till day before yesterday. Its really cool that something like this is so near to my workplace. I’ll certainly try it whenever I get a chance.

I think Wi-Fi has a bright future. What I see now is that whole world wified in coming years, may be 2030? (by that time Indian population = 150 crore.) Acc. to me the WiFi spots will be either available everywhere with low charges or no charges at all. They will be provided free if the governments take initiative and set them up (ofcourse they’ll charge tax for that.)

The other alternate can be that the companies setup Wifi hotspots (just like they have cells for mobiles) and then charge a fee for that. The fee would be minimal as the technology will get cheaper. The Wifi I am talking here is not the present day 802.11(WiFi) or 802.16 (MAN – Metropolitain Area Networks) but it will be beyond present day network ranges and data rates.

4G is an interesting thing to read about, here is a paper that I wrote on it for one of my classes. Don’t Plagarize, add me as a source if u r riting a paper…. I just put the paper for the benifit of those people (like me) who like to work at the last moment and then need something readymade :P. I got 90/100 on it.

WiFi rules!!! so does Bluetooth and 4G!!


Last week, I did nothing but updates. I updated all my websites except my blog 😛

I wrote an article last night on Shahid-Kareena controversy, now featured on Google and since then the site has been dammn slow. The article got about 200 reads in 45 minutes generally it takes about 5-6 days to get that number. In the morning (@ 7.00) the number was 1200 smthng and right now it is 2400+ and will be placed in the top 10 articles very soon. Since then the site has been too slow and averaging about 150+ viewers at any given point of time. I expect the things to get worse (the site’s load) tomorrow as its Saturday in US. Most of the Bollywood Mantra viewers are from US.

More News
India made 334/2 😀 but its just B’desh. I read that Dravid broke a world record…but not sure wot record, will read it later or listen Zee news (actually they r on rt. now)’s CEO got arrested in that DPS RKP MMS kaand (Last night I posted a comment on Ankur’s blog abt. Baazee :P)

Kareena and Shahid’s pictures are really gross and not fake.

Gotto goto Taco Bell Now…..more updates coming tonite.

Update: Came back from Taco Bell. We went their coz my dumbo sister wanted to order “Bean Burrito without Onnions and Cheese.” Baki bacha hi kya 😐 I ordered a 7 Layer Burrito 2 :) since I hadn’t eaten one since…….err about a week. When we reached home, they were showing the news about the match but I again missed as to wot record did Dravid break and am too lazy to log onto cricinfo n check it.

Aaina just told me that that the article is also up here :)

Update1: check this out

The Love of Money is the root of all Evil

Friday, December the 10th was a partly cloudy day. Being Friday, it was the most enjoyable day at the work. I had my lunch at about 12 – 12:30. As soon as I started work after my lunch, I saw this customer of ours who used to come at the store every once in a while. She was a “white” lady (very fair) and a bit obese in her late 20s or early 30s. The strange thing about her was that she always wore black clothes, which were distinctive due to her skin color. I never saw her wearing anything except black and once in summers, when everybody was wearing T-shirts, she had leather gloves on her hands. She came to the store a few weeks (months?) ago, the day when Reagan died. She said that she was very happy as Reagan died.

I saw that she was making photocopies of something. Soon, she was done making copies and was waiting at the counter to be charged for them. I approached and asked her the usual question.

How many copies?


Ok and I rang it up on the cash register.

She took out some change and started counting it. She was short off 50 cents. If something like this happens, then we just tell the person to pay the balance later whenever they are around if the balance is not too much (a dollar or 2). Moreover she used to visit the store, so I told her that she can pay later.
She was feeling bad about it and started thinking about it. She had a black bag, which had 2-3 papers in it. She pulled those out and told me that we can have that bag. I felt strange as none of our coustomer has had done that before. If someone feels really bad about not paying then they either go back and get the money instantaneously or leave the copies with us to pick them up when they bring the money.

I told her that, its ok, its just 50 cents and you can pay later, but she said I won’t come here again and anyways I don’t have any use for this bag now. I kept on insisting that she can take the bag as it was just 50 cents but she quietly kept the bag on the counter and walked outside. I felt bit strange about it but then didn’t do anything as she had left.

About 30 – 45 minutes later, we noticed that some people outside were looking up. I thought it must be a fire, but didn’t care much as just 2-3 people were looking. But after a few minutes more people started looking and even the cars passing by slowed down and looked at the same direction. As an inquisitive soul, I went outside and tried to look up. All the people were looking at a building (Oakland Tribune), which is a few meters away. I too looked…but couldn’t find anything unusual. Meanwhile, I heard some women screaming “no, please no!!”

“Is someone trying to jump?” was the first thought came to my mind. I looked again at all the windows….but again didn’t find anything extraordinary. Suddenly my eye level went little bit up to the roof of the building and I was shocked to see Continue reading

Quater Over!

Finally the Fall Quater is over :) I had to do a lot of stuff today, but couldn’t do most of it as I woke up late (10ish) and rest of the time watching TV, actually surfing channels. I thought I have the evening with me but then realized that I have to go for a dinner @ my mamaji’s house (their anniv.) Almost ready to leave and would be back about 10 -11. I had to blog a very important thing but I guess it’ll have to wait now. . .

Resume Submission?

I submitted my resume to a few companies about 3-4 months ago for internship but got no response as I was late in sending the resumes.

But now suddenly I have started receiving emails saying that my resume has been received and they ‘ll contact me if my qualifications meet the job req…..huh?

On 6th I got an email @ my gmail add (from which i sent those internship mails) from a company stratustech based in NJ. I checked my archives and found that I never emailed a company called Stratustech….creepy

And today I got an email from NTTMCL which is based in Palo ALto, CA at my yahoo email add, which I never used for sending out any email to a company…

….Its a pleasent surprise :) . neways I was thinking that it is time for me to start job hunting as my grad is approaching. The market is bad (atleast thats wot I hear)…so I have this unknown fear….if i’ll ever get a job or not :p. If someone has tips/personal experiences on “How to get a job in X days” then please let me know. I would be posting my resume as soon as I am done with all the exams and stuff.

I researched a bit on How to get a job and surprisingly found that the online websites for jobs (such as monster…etc), Newspaper Ads, Jobs thru Campus constitute of a low % of getting a job. The factor that helps people getting most of the jobs is contacts….yes even in USA too. I read somewhere that about 60-65% of the people get their jobs thru personal contacts or a reference.

I am still wondering as to what will be my field of job? Since I am majoring in Computer Science (Networking option) I can try for a Network Admin @ entry level. I am not that bad at programming either so I might also lookup to b a programmer (initially only :P). I have heard about consultancy (but not sure if everything is true) that its really a fun to do job. You get different projects and have to travel (which I love to) to various parts of the US and thus work under different people atleast u don’t c the same boss for a long time, moreover it gives a chance to crib about more people every now and then :).

Back to present –> Gotto study for the test which is at 6:00 pm PST (5 hours later).

Ohhh BTW I have been checking my yahoo mail everyday but today I noticed that it has been upgraded to 250 megs from 100 megs… I have no clue as to when it hapened :P.