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Images you didn’t See

Today I came across a very impressive video. It shows the images from “for you daddy” operation in Iraq, which generally aren’t shown by the U.S. media. The surprising thing was that, it was made by an Indian. Anand Patwardhan has made a few other movies on the similar issues. His latest is WAR & PEACE / JANG AUR AMAN.

You can watch the movie “Images you didn’t see” high resolution and low resolution. The movies are hosted here.

What Girls Think About Boys?

If you treat her nice she says “yaar mujhe line de raha hai”

If you dont she says “kitna akarta hai” .

If you dress nicely she says”mujhay impress karna chaah’ta hai” .

If you dont she says “tasteless hai yaar” .

If you argue with her she says”ziddi hai” .

If you sit quietly she says”dumb hai” .

If you act smarter “she’ll lose her brain as you are insulting her” .

If she acts smarter “she think its her right” .

If you dont love her she says”is ka to pehlay say hi 2,3 larkion ke saath chakkar hai” .

If you love her she says”peechhay hi par gaya hai” .

If you dont give her a kiss she says” tum mujh say serious naheen ho” .

If you give her a kiss she says” sab ko line deta hoga” .

If you are skinny she says “you should have appropriate mass at appropriate places” .

If you are healthy she says “you should be smart” .

If you dont tell her your problem she says” you are not honest to me” .

If you do tell to her she says “you are a problem child” .

If you scold her she says “you act like any giving lecture” .

If she scolds you she says “Yaar, its because i care” .

If you break a promise she says “she does not trust you any more” .

If she breaks she says “jaan mein majboor thi” .

If you do good in exams she says “qismat ne saath diya warna tum aur good marks” .

If she gets goods mark she says” its my brain” .

If you hurt her she says “you are cruel & dont care of my feelings” .

If she hurts you she replies” you are not understanding”


& they claim they are not Hypocrates.

Gmail pop settings

Gmail supports a lot of Email clients. The list can be found in the comments for my old post.

Although my Gmail doesn’t show that I have the pop access yet, I still gave it a shot and downloaded Gmail’s utility for pop settings for Outlook Express. My account didn’t work for pop 😛 but here are the configuration settings for other clients:

Incoming Mail:

Outgoing Mail:

Account Name: [email protected] (Note that it is your full email address)

Click “My server requires authentication”

Gmail doesn’t use default ports, the ports are:

SMTP or Outgoing Mail: 465

POP3 or Incoming Mail: 995

Also click “This server requires a secure connection (SSL)”

I tried to search for a review on Gmail’s pop access but couldn’t find one. I am not sure how Gmail will handle the advertisments? Will they imbed them in email like Adsense Ads on the webpages or they won’t have them at all. If they won’t have them at all then how are they gonna earn? Gmail said that they do not intend to charge for the feature.

I am also wondering how the labels and filters will be handled in the pop?

Why would gmail make people’s accounts poped in phases?

The only thing I could think was that the Gmail users must have accumulated a lot of mails. In my use of about 7 months, I have 87 Megs including 200 mails in Trash, which would eventually delete. So if everybody starts to download (sync) 100 some megs from their account at same time, Gmail’s servers would freak out. I think they are alloting a certain bandwidth per day/per week/per hour ? say 200 gb per week and would allot pop access to x users whose combined data is 200 gb. More users would be alloted the pop access as the previous ones synchronize their accounts.

Would like to hear the official version of the phase thingy. The official statement said that it will be done in coming several weeks which can mean a few months. If someone already got the pop access then do let me know your review.

Yahoo loves me!!

I created the site for the movie Sarkar cpl. of months back and I was eagerly waiting for google to index it. Google did include it in for the keywords “sarkar amitabh” but it is on 2nd page – 16th link. I also have the 19th link for Bollywood Mantra.

…but Yahoo really loves me. The site is at the top spot for the following keywords:
Sarkar Film
Sarkar Amitabh
Sarkar Abhishek
Sarkar Bachan
Sarkar Bachchan
Sarkar godfather
Sarkar Marlon
Sarkar Brando
Sarkar katrina kaif
Sarkar Al Pacino
Sarkar tanisha

….and may be many more!

Gmail introduces POP as promised

Over the next several weeks, we are introducing POP access to all of our users. To make sure the feature is fully stable, we’re giving users access to POP in phases. Once POP access is available to you, a ‘New Features!’ link appears at the top of your account, along with a ‘Forwarding and POP’ tab on your ‘Settings’ page.

Read More

I think it will be really cool. My a/c hasn’t been poped but hopefully it will be soon!

Update: The link works for me, but not for everybody. Here is a screenshot from google’s faq’s and the settings are posted here (hopefully it should work).
Gmail Screenshot