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My old Website

Finally I moved my old site (pure HTML) from to

The site is strictly for IE users and if you are using any other browser or older ver of IE then you can’t view it. I had to make it IE only coz it uses a lot of js which doesn’t work well with other browsers. The url is here.

gmail’s sponsored links

Today I got an email from a friend of mine…

An email from a friend

I think gmail has started dumb advertising :P. While searching on google or on Adsense Ads one finds lot of Ebay’s automatically generated Ads. They just add the keyword with the predefined text.


%key_word% for sale. aff checkout the deals now!

and the link is pointed to the search page on ebay for the phrase %key_word% It generally works good but in this case it looks lame.

Got a new fotolog

I completed the gallery on which I was working a few days ago. I was looking for some automatic mechanism which would make some directories password protected but it didn’t seem practical because of the way how I wanna file my pics.

So now I created two galleries one for family, which is pwd protected and has almost all the pics and the second is for everybody’s viewing and doesn’t contain any personal/family pic. Basically the first one is a superset of the second. The URI is here and it is also provided in the list of links on ur right.

What does the gallery code do?
– It presents the pictures saved in different directories named as that day’s date (it can be something else too).
– It creates the thumbnails in a seperate dir when the directory is viewed for the first time.
– I had high resolution pics from my digi cam ranging from 400k to 1 mb which would kill a dial up user. keeping them as it would take up lot of space as well as bandwidth and changing each pic’s resolution/size isn’t practical. So I wrote a script which would recreate the image as a low resolution/size image and overwrite the original image automatically when one views the image for the first time. It would save me lot of space, b/w and time.
– Added the descriptions which come from the filename.

I am not releasing the code as it is too much customized for myself and is not that userfriendly. I have to change various permissions (CHMOD), for the scripts to work automatically, whenever I upload images. If all the steps are not followed then, the site shows a bunch of error messages. But if someone needs the code for his/her own use or to incorporate parts of it in someother project then either drop a comment here or contact me.

Gmail’s new features!!

Yesterday noticed a cool thing @ Gmail.

Gmail Report Phishing

On clicking that link u see

Phishing Description for non-geeks

I think Gmail is the first email provider to let the users report phishing. I am not sure when it was introduced as I noticed it yesterday.

and also….

Today I noticed that one of the fwds. had embeded images in it . Till yesterday or day before yesterday Gmail used to extract the embeded images from the messages and put them at the end like other attachments.

Way to go Gmail!!!!

Ink Cartridge or Printer?

My Lexmark X83 printer hasn’t been used since long time and doesn’t work anymore. I suspected that the ink (which wasn’t used much) has dried up. So I went to nearest Circuit City to get the cartridges. The black and color ink cartridges cost $59.00 ($26 + $33). Since this was the first time I was buying an ink cartridge, I thought it was too high, so I goto the nearest Best Buy to buy them. I find same prices there as well….but I also found out that a new Epson Stylus C86 was on sale $49.99. So why do I even need to buy the ink cartridges? I can always buy a new printer and put the old one in garbage. The Epson printer uses 4 ink cartridges CMYK . and each costs about $12.00 that is $48.00 in all (cheaper :) ). Moreover if I am out of one color, I can still use other colors, say if am out of black color I can print dark blue which looks similar to black.

So now I have one printer working and the other non working printer can be used for scanning! I haven’t installed the new printer yet but I’ll do it the first thing in the morning and would share it on the network.

It is strange that I bought the printer a few hours after I read this post. Too many coincidences.

Main Aur Mera Roommate

Dedicated to all those guys who think this is their story…

Main Aur mere roommate
aksar Yeh Baatain Karte Hain
Ghar saaf hota to kaisa hota
Main kitchen saaf karta,tum bathrooom dhote
main hall saaf karta, tum balcony dekhte
Log is baat pe hairaan hote
aur us baat pe haste….
Main aur mere roommate ,
aksar Yeh Baatain Karte Hain

Yeh hara bhara sink hai
ya bartanon ki jung chidi hui hai
Yeh colour full kitchen hai
ya masalon se holi kheli hai
Hai farsh ki nayi design
ya doodh,beer se dhuli hui hain

Yeh cellphone hai ya dhakkan,
sleeping bag ya kisika aanchal,
ye airfreshner ka naya flavour hai,
ya trash bag se ati badboo
Yeh pattiyon ki hai sarsarahut
ke heater phirse kharab hua hai
Yeh sonchta hai roommate kab se gum sum –
Ke jab ke usko bhi yeh khabar hai
Ke macchhar nahi hai, kaheen nahi hai
magar uska dil hai ke kah raha hai
machar yaheen hai, yaheen kaheen hai !

Tond ( pet ) ki ye haalat, meri bhi hai, uski bhi,
dil mein ek tasvir idhar bhi hai, udhar bhi
Karne ko bohot kuch hai magar kab kare hum
Iske liye time idhar bhi nahi hai, udhar bhi nahi hai

Dil kahta hai Walmart se koi vaccum cleaner la de
ye Carpet jo jine ko zoonz raha hai, fikwa de
Hum saaf rahe sakte hai, logon ko bata dain,
Haan hum roommates hai – roommates hai – roommates hai
Ab dil main yehi baaaat, idhar bhi hai udhar bhi……

Gmail POP Review

Yes! Finally I’ve been POPed

I saw the vital signs

New Features!!

Changed the settings

That was easy!

and there was the final result

Its Outlook Express

…but believe me you won’t like it that much….I miss the labels. Even the headers of the mails are messedup?? All the emails from Gmail Team regarding the invitations I sent out were dated 11/16/2004 and had the timestamp of the time when I downloaded them, other emails’ headers seems to be messedup too (not sure though) 😕

I have messages from Apr thru August and then I don’t see any message from sep. 1 – today (except those old messages which are dated wrong.)…wonders what happened to them. I tried to check the header of the emails, to find an indication if I can use the labels in Outlook or not (thru message rules) but I couldn’t find anything.

I’ll update it if I find something else wrong.

Update1: Here is a utility which claims:

# psGmail lets you access Gmail accounts with any POP email program.
# You can specify which kind of mail (unread, all, spam,…) you want psGmail to retrieve.
# In addition to standard Gmail categories you can use custom labels or even keyword and date filters.
# After downloading mail, psGmail can delete or archive it, mark it read or do nothing.
# psGmail also offers an SMTP service that allows you to send mail and replies.
# Using MSN Messenger-style pop-ups, psGmail announces new mail in Gmail accounts.
# psGmail supports Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/3/XP

…but I would refrain myself from using it, I’ll only use something which is authenticated by a lot of people or is official.

Update2: Found the answer for not all the messages being downloaded.

# Are you only able to receive some of your mail?

After you first enable POP in your Gmail account, your messages become available in batches as our servers communicate with your mail client. It may take some time for all of your mail to download if you have lots of messages.

Also, please ensure that your POP client is configured to fully download messages. Make sure that you selected ‘Remove from server,’ not ‘leave on server.’ For more information, please visit the configuration instructions.

If you continue to experience problems, please delete some of the messages you’ve already downloaded from the Gmail POP server.